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10 good reasons to believe why there is no such thing as coincidence

There is no such thing as coincidence or chance encounters. You have created everything that has come into your life in the past and without realising it, you are currently working on all that will come into your life in the future.

You are attracting people and events towards you, consciously and unconsciously, by the strength of your thoughts. For those that consistently practice the power of positive thinking you are acting as a magnet to others who will help you succeed, who will become future lovers or partners – and because these people will naturally be on your wavelength then everything you desire will follow.


In case you are still not convinced then let me show you 10 good reasons why there is no such thing as coincidence or let's call it what it really is - intuition or being physic, but whatever the title I know it works well for all of us and particularly works well with a positive mindset.

1   How many times have you thought of a particular person and the phone rings and it's them?

2. How often have you decided on a course of action and have met or have been introduced to someone who can help?

3. How often have you succeeded by being in the right place at the right time?

4. How often have you had a dream about something, only for it happen in your life?

5. How often has an unrelated string of unforeseen events changed something in your life? What some call fate.

6. How often have you found yourself in tune with a close friend or partner when you both say the same things together?

7. How often have you bumped into close friends in a foreign country or another town?

8. How often have you changed your mind about a trip or journey that you later discovered would be difficult?

9. How often have you allowed your intuition to change the course of events?

10. How often have you turned down what seems like a massive opportunity to find something better came along?


Between us we could probably think of another 10 situations where coincidence or intuition has left you amazed or baffled, but I put these things down to the power of positive thought.


If you are pessimistic and negative by nature you will also be acting as a magnet, but in your case you will be attracting the wrong kind of support. People will come into your life who are equally as negative, possibly abusive or worse. They are not looking to give you anything – quite the reverse – they are takers and will drain you.


Negative thinking of this kind is why so many people continue to attract losers again and again, quickly swapping one abusive relationship for another, a further business failure or another loss to add to an ever growing list


The sad thing is that most people are completely oblivious of what they are doing, totally unaware that they are constantly sending out messages to the Universe, stimulating the Law of Attraction by their thoughts – and guess what – that’s what the Universe thinks you want and it will always deliver.


Right now you might be asking what this article has to do with coincidence – good question so let’s go for the explanation. To fully grasp the concept you need to fully understand how you think, what it is that you are constantly wishing for and to do this you must start looking at your day dreams, your fears, ambitions, worries – you get the idea.


Your conscious thoughts will be a hotch potch of aspirations, random ideas, caution and navel gazing which will be constantly interrupted by the pressures of a normal day – work, getting the kids to school, health – dozens of different things. But if you just stop for a moment, take a bit of time out and for at least five minutes think about what you are thinking.


What will emerge will be one underlying strong theme that links many of those random thoughts. It could be money problems, marriage or other types of relationship worries. You might discover that you have fears you have yet to confront such as losing your job, the health of a close relative or something more immediate that is causing you stress.


Without realising it you have sent out your message to the Universe, it has received your order and is now making sure that it will be delivered. To do this it will create events and attract people into your life that will be good or bad depending on whether you are naturally positive or negative – and when that happens you will probably think – what a coincidence.


You would be wrong because as I said at the beginning of this article, there is no such thing as coincidence. You brought that person into your life, you made that event happen and you are the architect and chief planner of what happens next.


If you are not happy with the story thus far then you have to ask yourself the question – what am I going to do about it? Hopefully you have spent at least five minutes thinking about your thoughts and if you have done it properly then you will have a good idea of what you are sending out to the Universe.


Let’s assume you are unhappy with the storyline then you are going to have to write a new one. So start off with a pen and paper and write down all the stuff you don’t like and then make a note that from this point onwards all that negativity is officially deleted.


It has to be replaced with something and this where you need to embrace the power of positive thinking. Write down your goals and aspirations, get rid of the losers and replace them with the good people just waiting to be part of your new life.


Take as long as you like with this process and when you are happy that you have the right specification then destroy that paper. Your order has been received, the negative one has been deleted and all you have to do is wait for the delivery man.


It is vital that you now forget all about this order. In your previous life when you were oblivious to what you were attracting then you were happy for the Universe to get on with it. Do the same again with the new positive you because if you keep focusing on the order you will drive it away.


Slowly but surely complete strangers or peculiar events will begin to happen which bring your dreams a little closer –  coincidence or just the power of thought, your thoughts