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10 New Year resolutions to help turn you into a “Super Positive Thinking Person”

Are you ready to make some real new year resolutions that help you be that powerful positive thinking person in 2021 and beyond? Are you ready to give up all of those old habits, the negative words and phrases that have held you back all of your life?


Of course you are – what’s there to think about. But what are you really going to do to make positive change, or will it be the same as last year – lots of good intentions until you meet the first set back – or will it be different this time?

Maybe you are just wondering what you should be doing – so let me help. Here are my 10 best New Year resolutions to turn you into a Super Person – and if you are ready, we can begin.

Number One – No more negative words or phrases

When you say bad or negative things then you are attracting all the wrong stuff. Words like I am never lucky, I am not a winner, I cannot do this, other people are better than me, really do you harm.

You are telling the Universe that you are already beaten. Substitute them instead for words such as: I am always lucky, I can meet any challenge, no one is better than me, I am a winner – and the Universe will receive a totally different message.

Number Two – Change those thoughts

Negative thoughts are like words and are equally as corrosive. When you keep thinking of all the things that can go wrong and all of the stuff you don’t want to happen in your life, then the complete opposite happens – because that’s what the Universe mistakenly thinks you want.

Change those thoughts into all of the things that are going right. See your life getting better. Always think about how you want your life to work and discard any potential problems – the Universe will sort out the rest.

Number three – Like what you see

If you don’t like the image that’s looking back in the mirror then be assured – no one else will as well. If you see and focus in on every little blemish then all you will do is magnify that negative self-image and project it to the rest of the world.

Focus instead on the good things you like, learn to love yourself because there is no one else on this planet quite like you. If you think a couple of things need changing such as a new hair style, maybe some dental work – then vow to do it – but most importantly of all, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are the main man or woman and you’re looking good – and do this every day.

Number four – Stop being so angry

When you are angry and bitter all of the time then you can never be a super positive person. You switch off everyone around you, you will lose your friends and most people will not like you very much or be willing to help or cooperate – which will make you even more angry.

Vow to get that temper under control, learn not to react in quite such an extreme way, foster patience when you are in situations that cause you stress and make you lash out. You can never be a positive person if you are angry all of the time.

Number five – Eliminate fears and anxieties

Fears and anxieties will always stop you from ever being positive. They will nag away at your self esteem and prevent all of the good stuff from coming into your life. Most of these fears have no basis in fact – they are simply things that your imagination has created and over the years you have magnified these thoughts and made seem worse than they really are.

If you need professional help then look for it, but if most of your fears are just natural anxieties then see them for what they really are and visualise different and more positive outcomes. As an example, just because you have had a row with a friend does not mean they will be out of your life forever. Vow not to magnify these things out of proportion.

Number six – Vow not to be alone

If you are starting the new year and you feel totally alone with your whole life crashing around you then it is going to be difficult to be positive. Only you can decide where your life goes from here. It is your choice to leave things as they are – or take action – one of the key components of powerful positive thinking.

Decide that this is the year when you are going to make changes. Decide that you will be ready to try new things. Choose to be brave and resolute and the Universe will be listening and guiding you in the right direction. Take control and the rest will follow.

Number seven – Choose to be decisive

If you are unable to make your mind up about anything, how do you hope to go forward in a positive direction. If you are a procrastinator it means that you keep putting off the things that would really take your life forward.

Vow that this year is the time when you will make positive steps to change all the things that you dislike in your life. You have left them long enough, but nothing will happen until you are ready to take some action and when you do, the Universe will be there to help.

Number eight – Always have faith

A key component of positive thinking is to have complete faith that everything you do will always work out to be good – even if sometimes that does not seem to be quite the case. Faith can make great things happen – you simply have to believe that you will always benefit in a good way.

If you combine faith with positive thinking then you are more likely to attract the things that you most desire such as wealth and happiness. See these things happening in your life and have faith, a real belief that only good stuff is coming your way from this moment on – and it will.

Number nine – Decide to fall in love again

If you are finding it hard to attract love into your life then decide to do something in a positive way to attract new people into your life. Join a club, go to a night school, become part of a drama society, but choose to take action. When you do this with the aim of meeting new people then the Universe will be listening.

If you are in a happy established relationship then decide to fall in love again with your partner. It’s enormous fun when you begin the remember the things that made you feel hot the first time you met – and very positive.

Number 10 – Choose to be your own person

Only you can allow yourself to be bullied, to be put upon, to be used as a doormat. If others are taking you for granted then now is the time to do something about it. Choose to help others under your terms, only do what makes you feel comfortable.

There are millions of selfless human beings across this planet who help others for no reward and no expectations, but just make sure that if you are one of those people that nothing can damage your self-esteem. Make sure that people see you for the super positive thinking person you really are. Make that choice.

Thank you everyone for reading and a Happy New Year.