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Are you ready for change?

I want to change your life forever. I want to help you eliminate the negativity and the words and phrases that have always prevented you from being that super positive person – to make you a winner in the game of life.

Let me show you how you can attract all the good things you have ever wanted – wealth, good health and strong relationships. Everything is possible when you work in harmony with the Universe, everything is possible when you are ready for change and everything is possible when you take positive action.

In my series of eight interactive videos I will show you how to conquer your fears and anxieties, how to improve your body image, end loneliness, attract abundance, lose weight and much, much more. I will show you how to be the person you have always wanted to be. To have unlimited access to all of these programmes costs just £10 for 365 days of inspirational support - less than 3p a day to change your life forever.

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Adults Programmes

Programme One – How to eliminate negativity from your life

Welcome to Programme One. This is a general introduction to Positive Thinking, but you cannot progress any further without it. In this module we look at all the negativity in your life and show you ways it can be eliminated.
If you are carrying around negative thoughts compounded by anger and bitterness than it will be impossible to embrace positive thinking and all the benefits it offers. Your journey to create the new you starts here. This is where we show you how to eliminate negativity from your life.

Programme two – How to stop using negative words

Welcome to Programme two. Are you aware of the negative words and phrases that you use on a daily basis? When you say you are not worthy or state that you cannot do something, you have effectively given up.
Negative words and phrases are equally as bad as negative thoughts and you need to eliminate them from your life and change them for positive ones. Until you do this it is almost impossible to attract all the good stuff. This is where we show you how you can make it happen.

Programme three – How to conquer your fears and anxieties

Welcome to Programme three. It is your fears and anxieties that will always hold you back. They have developed over the years and in extreme cases you can pass them on to your children. In this module we show you how you can overcome your fears and lead a happier life.
We look at how fears can prevent you from developing new relationships, how they hold you back in your career and why you can never fully embrace positivity until they are eliminated from your life. This is where we show how to conquer those fears.

Programme four – How to improve your body image and lose weight

You can never think positively about yourself if you simply loathe your own reflection. You can never claim what is rightfully yours until you learn to love YOU – and when that happens – others will as well. So, let’s start by finding out what it really is, that you don’t like about yourself – and in this module the focus is on you.
This is where we show you how to improve your body image and when you do you will find it is so much easier to lose weight and enjoy all the other benefits that come when you love yourself for the person you really are.

Programme five – How to beat procrastination and indecision

In Programme five we discuss procrastination and why this can prevent you from ever being a positive person and more importantly why this particular affliction will stop you from attracting all the good things that you deserve.
If you are a procrastinator, if you lack motivation and drive, then it will always be more difficult to improve your relationships and attract material things. It does not have to be like that. You really do not have to keep putting off things that really deserve immediate action and we will show you how you can eliminate this habit from your life forever.

Programme six – How to end loneliness

As humans, we were never meant to be alone for long periods. We are a tribal species, evolved to live within recognised family units, we crave the company of others and work better as part of a team.
For those experiencing such loneliness – it becomes more difficult to be positive – but if you are in this position right now, be assured, it is not impossible to change this situation and if you are ready – we will show you ways you can improve your life and move on to better things.

Programme seven – How to attract wealth and abundance

You should not try this course first of all unless you have looked at the previous six. Attracting the big stuff into your life means you must have embraced positivity at every level before you can successfully attract wealth and abundance.
In this module we look at eliminating the thoughts, words and phrases which prevent people from attracting money and success and how you can create a new mindset which wil set you on a new pathway through life.

Programme eight – Learn to fall in love again

In Programme eight we talk about the power of love, why it is so elusive for many and how you can start to improve your relationships with others, particularly if you are recently or long term divorced, bereaved or have broken up with a partner and how can start to be less lonely and isolated.
Nothing in the entire Universe is stronger than the power of love or sadly, more misunderstood. Love in its many forms is what keeps us together as people – love for each other, love for our children and love for someone really special – emotions that can create intense joy and pain, all at the same time. If you are ready then join us to see how change is possible.

Kids Programmes