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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you focussing in on every little blemish? Do you like the image that

positivity challenge

This is the 30 Day Challenge - unique to Powerful Positive Thinking -and designed to turn you into the dynamic and positive person you

I am Michael Younge and I want to tell you about Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) and how it can change your life


It’s not so easy to be positive when you have just heard that your oldest friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We are


Do you know what – there is nothing wrong with being rich. Money doesn’t make you a bad person. If you are fundamentally good


We are Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT), a free website full of inspirational blogs and information to help improve your life. This is the site


We all know that feeling, that terrible moment when you walk alone into a crowded room, desperate to make eye contact with someone familiar.


To celebrate our launch of our metal motivational poster range we are running a competition.

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