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Beating anxiety with positive thinking

You are what you think – that is an indisputable fact in my book - and is the very essence of positive thinking, but like everything else in life you can overdo it. If you are feeling particularly anxious right now, the chances are that you are thinking too much and that’s a bad thing. Positive thinking works best when you let the Universe do all the hard work. When you concentrate on all your worries, that’s what the Universe thinks you want, so it makes sure that plenty more of the bad stuff comes your way.

It can, of course, be very hard not to keep dwelling on the same subject over and over again. If you have just lost your job, or desperately need more money, or have just split up from the love of your life – please insert your particular problem just here - then it is going to be tough for a little while.

After a suitable period most people will simply move on and start to think about something else, but for an unfortunate few that anguish turns into anxiety and the mind can only see bad times ahead - and that is exactly what the Universe will deliver.

Anxiety can be a crippling emotion and for many people it is incredibly difficult to overcome. You are totally aware of how disabling it has become, you know it prevents from moving on or achieving your goals – and the last thing you need is someone telling you to get over it.

If you are fortunate, time will be a great healer, but it doesn’t have to take that long and the whole process can be speeded up if you are prepared to think positive. So let’s take a look at a positive thinking deal that works for everyone willing to embrace it – and if anxiety is your problem – why not give it a go.

You can feel free to be as anxious as you want. If you really need to go that extra mile then you might just be able to include a few other issues – add in everything that is really bothering you, but it comes with a condition.

At the moment this anxiety is with you twenty four, seven. You go to sleep worrying about things and the problems are still there first thing in the morning – or if you are really anxious – every hour or so throughout the long night. That has to stop.

Right now you have lost control of your anxiety and it is dictating your entire lifestyle – so this positive thinking deal starts with giving yourself permission to be anxious. In simple terms you have to start choosing when you are going to worry.

You will feel ridiculous when you first start to do this, but you must set aside time in every day when you choose not to worry about the bad stuff. Might just be an hour or two, or just a few minutes to begin with. Think of it as having a tea or coffee break.

During the times when you consciously choose not to be anxious you must substitute your thoughts for something more positive, things that give you joy or make you smile. When the bad thoughts intrude into these worry free breaks you must tell them to wait their turn until you have finished.

Yes, you will feel foolish, but so what. You are taking common sense action to beat the blues and are substituting your thoughts with the power of positive thinking and the Universe will get a new message from you and it will like what it is hearing.

In time you will find that these positive thinking periods or tea breaks will become a little longer and you will not have to try so hard to keep out the bad stuff. Only you can do this, but by taking control of your thoughts you are taking the first steps towards beating anxiety and becoming a better and stronger person.

If it in turn forces you to laugh at yourself as you announce your regular tea breaks privately or to the world at large, then feel free to turn it into a game. By having these breaks you are letting light into your life and slowly it will take over from the dark and in time you will eliminate anxiety from your life.

Please feel free to start as soon as you are ready.