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Being a great leader starts with belief in yourself

At some stage in your life you will be offered the opportunity to lead. You will be asked to take charge of a group, chair a committee or manage a department or more. Some will relish the challenge and embrace it, most will feel uncomfortable but will do their best and the remainder will feel absolutely terrified at the prospect.

Some people are natural leaders who aspire to be the best in their chosen fields. The majority are happy to follow such leaders confident that they know what they are doing and by association will benefit from any success they might achieve.

While most fear the prospect of taking charge. nearly all of us would like to be good leaders but lack the confidence or life skills to put themselves forward. Some will look at the numerous courses available to budding entrepreneurs and business people. These can teach the basics such as people management and motivational skills – but they can’t give you that one essential and vital ingredient – belief in yourself.

This key skill has nothing to do with managing staff or employees although these qualities are desirable and help if you can do them well. If you disagree just look at the Leaders and rulers over the centuries who have used a combination of carrot and stick, fear and reward, to show people that they are the ones who are really in charge.

But if you have real belief in yourself, your skills and abilities, then people will follow, respect and support you. They will see what you are trying to achieve and will want to share in that success as part of your team.

Before you can have that belief you must first identify what it is and how it works for you – because being a real leader can be illustrated in many ways. Let’s assume for example that you have invented a fantastic new product and wish to start a new business to bring it to market.

Just because you are a good inventor doesn’t mean that you have the financial or marketing skills to make it work. Being a good leader means that you look for those skills and bring them in to strengthen your team. You are in charge but you have made your first leadership decision – to delegate.

At the other end of the scale you may have been asked to chair a small committee. It would have been given targets or objectives but no one expects you to do everything on your own so you gather the necessary skills needed by recruiting or co-opting new members to your committee.

Sounds good in practice but right now you might be thinking that I just don’t have that belief in myself. I have all these great ideas, I want to put myself forward, but I do not have that confidence. I don’t I could ever be a leader.

Here at Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) there is no room for those kind of thoughts and no reason why you can’t change yours and be the leader you want to be. So get out a sheet of paper, better than the PC, and begin to write down the person you want to be.

You are now about to write a detailed specification of how things will be with you in charge. You will want to motivate your team so make sure they are part of what you want to do. Ensure that you communicate regularly with those around you, be ready to praise. Tell them exactly what it is that you want to achieve and how you see them helping you.

Most importantly you need to write down how confident you feel in charge, see the support you are getting from your team and then finally write down your strategy or business plan if you like to state how you are to get there. Keep it realistic and use plenty of common sense – you have to believe what you are writing.

Read through your specification to make sure you have not missed anything and then destroy it. The universe has received the message and you must have faith that it will be delivered. You must now forget all about it because if you continue to focus on that desire it will never be delivered because all you are telling the universe is – that the thing you want most is not in your life and that is what you really want – so you must keep the faith.

To help you forget the specification you must now use action to launch your strategy. The universe will see that you are going in the right direction and will open the right doors and you will be on the right path as a great leader – you will have belief in yourself.

After that – the rest is easy. You might even want to attend one of those leadership courses to see how the professionals do it.