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Believe in positive thinking and you are half way there

Theodore Roosevelt, one of America’s greatest and most respected Presidents was a great believer in positive thinking and the benefits it offers all of us. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there,” was just one of his many famous quotes.

It is no coincidence that all great men and women have a positive outlook on life. They always expect to succeed and more often than not they will achieve nearly every one of their objectives. They will of course fail, like all of us, from time to time but they will learn from the experience and will not be beaten by it.

They are no different to you or I – the only real variable is that they have allowed positive thinking and a positive mind-set to work for them in many diverse and innovative ways. It protects them during times of adversity, it helps shape their decisions in life and it allows them to be better and friendlier which in turn attracts co-operation from others.

They make it look so easy, often attracting envy and admiration in equal measures and others want to know all about their secret ingredient.  It is not difficult to identify that special factor even if you discount the obvious advantages such as an inborn natural and unique talent for one particular thing such as singing or sport.

It’s easy because every single one of us has it inside us and if you allow positive thinking to work for you it is ready to do your bidding – all you have to do is believe and you’re halfway there says Mr Roosevelt and there are many famous and highly successful people who agree with him.

Of course it is not that simple – even successful people know that – which is why they keep their positive thinking realistic. They use common sense when they plan their futures striving for what they BELIEVE is possible set against their own personal lifestyle.

They know that success is unlikely to come all at once so they work towards it a little at a time never forgetting what they want, never taking their eyes off the target. You see this with famous singers and actors who suddenly appear to become an overnight sensation. We conveniently forget that they have probably been plying their trade in dusty halls and small theatres around the country for years looking for that big break.

Self-made multi-millionaires did not get that way overnight either. They started off by making a few hundred pounds or dollars, then this gradually turned into thousands and then one day they suddenly realised that the millionaire life style had finally arrived.

So you have to be realistic as well, but what does that really mean for the majority who have not got the patience or willpower to turn their dreams into reality. Not a problem if you are prepared to use common sense and action but if you are sitting there believing you will win the lottery or become a major sporting or singing star in the next few weeks you will probably be disappointed.

A lottery win would be great but wouldn’t a few hundred make a difference. Aim for that instead and once you learn how positive thinking really works then you can go after the bigger stuff. You are unlikely to be the next big soccer star unless you are prepared to work an apprenticeship with a small club.

The trouble is most people want it all and they want it now, to quote the Freddy Mercury lyrics from Queen and that does not sit well with positive thinking. Suddenly it all becomes very intense as you continually focus all that attention on just one outcome.

As regular readers know once you start doing that you create a reverse situation where the Law of Attraction misinterprets the signals and assumes that you are so intense that you don’t really want it –to use modern parlance – the computer says no.

So there you have it – believe it but if you want to deliver your dream then remember that baby steps are best and let your victories come one at a time and then of course you will be ready to take on that big lottery of life dream –  and don’t forget, because you believed - you are already half way there.