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Break free and unleash your hidden power

You have no idea just how much power you possess. It remains hidden deep inside just waiting for the right time to show itself and it will appear just when you need it most – all you have to do is unlock its potential – and if you are ready, I am going to show you how to find the key.

When it really matters that power can be unleashed in dramatic fashion. There are thousands of stories of people finding super human strength to lift heavy objects to free trapped loved ones; tales of untold bravery and dedication against all the odds and examples of amazing fortitude in adversity.

That power, which is there in every one of us, simply needed the physical catalyst of a challenge or problem to make itself known. It was ready to spring into action to protect and support you and when that time came it was not found wanting.

If only you could mentally harness that power in your everyday life you would be invincible. No one would ever be able to harm or hurt you ever again because you would not allow it, you would have the ability to attract everything you needed or wanted in life because you would have control.

So what has happened to your power? When did you decide that you were not good enough? Why did you choose not to bother or try anything new in case you failed? Yes, it is you we are talking about so let’s find out why and start repairing the problem.

It begins by taking a close look at the company you are keeping. Have you surrounded yourself with people who demand very little from life, who seem content to put up with second best? Do these people constantly complain and are envious of others?

If the answer is yes then they are dragging you down to their level. They have long since given up on any of their aspirations and prefer to snipe from the side lines with negative phrases such as “money to money” or with similar cruel comments about someone’s looks or actions – you get the idea.

Just because they have given up and want to constantly complain about everything does not mean you have to - because inside every one of us is the heart of a Lion and when you act as if you really are the King or Queen of the jungle then you make up your own rules.

Avoid negative people and surround yourself with those that want to succeed, who want to encourage others. They do not envy success, but aspire instead to be the same. These people do not complain or criticise – they encourage and support.

When you surround yourself with positive thinking people then anything is possible. This positivity begins to rub off allowing you to be more successful in your job, better able to attract a loving partner.

You may of course have to overcome any feelings of inferiority. If you have surrounded yourself with negative people who have demanded so little of you then it might be difficult to begin with to feel comfortable with those who always expect to succeed.

It means you have to remind yourself that you are unique, that there is no one else on the Planet quite like you. No one else has your special talents or abilities and if you can be yourself then you will be accepted and welcomed anywhere.

Nothing has to happen overnight. Unlocking that special power can take a little while, especially if it has been hidden for some time so do not be too hard on yourself if you are venturing out into a new playground.

Remember your first day at school and how strange you felt and how long it took you to get used to new people and new surroundings – well you are about to do it all again – and if you have done it once before, then what is there to stop you.

You have to choose to break free or you will never get the opportunity to unleash the real power that is just waiting to help you create a better life. It is your decision and it starts now – so what are you waiting for.