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Building a Powerful Positive Thinking firewall starts here

Every fortune teller, astrologer and medium worthy of the name will tell you that they cannot predict your future with any degree of certainty because you – and only you – are in charge of your ultimate destiny.

You set the agenda, you decide how the plot works out and you write the script.  Good fortune tellers or astrologers can predict trends – good or bad – but you must never forget that you have free will and can react in any way you wish to any news you receive.

You are the chief programmer, you write the code for the software that runs your life and this means you choose what buttons to press – positive or negative. In effect you are simply a blank canvas – so what are you going to do with it?

Hopefully you will be a great artist creating a picture reflecting happiness and success. Like every great artist you will be continually making small changes and amendments as you seek perfection on this great canvas of life.

Maybe you will be a Picasso, looking at the world in your own inimitable and offbeat way, but it will still be a masterpiece – or will it be something like the “The Scream,” that iconic Norwegian painting, which sums up the anguish you are facing?

If “The Scream” reflects your life right now then it’s probably a good time to start changing your personal programme and to use a computer analogy we need to cleanse your spirit of all the malware, viruses and Trojan horses and build you a new powerful positive thinking firewall.

It seems that you might have forgotten that you are in charge – that happens when you allow negative thoughts to flood your personal PC, slowing you down to a crawl, where everything seems an effort – and in extreme cases when all hope has gone.

So let me ask again – what are going to do with your life? Let’s start by listing all those negatives. Forget about material things for the moment such as lack of money or success, poor health, disputes with friends or family, job problems or whatever else you might want to add to this list – we can tackle these things later when you are in the right frame of mind.

These are the things that have happened around you, maybe through circumstance or maybe because you have allowed negativity to cloud your judgement and you will never be in a position to resolve them until we have changed the way you think.

If you are angry, if you complain a lot, if you bear hate and malice – it will be impossible for you to turn your life around. If you have decided that your life cannot improve, or you feel trapped or have simply given up – then once again, it’s impossible for change to happen.

You must first resolve to rid yourself of this negative, forgive those you hate, stop complaining, look for ways to change your situation, seek professional help. The simply act of doing something will lift your mood and turn towards the light.

Then and only then can you get back to your personal list and begin to set things right. You have effectively written a new software programme which will help you set about correcting problems and resolving issues – and this is the real meaning of positive thinking – getting your power back.

And when you have that power, when you have eliminated the negatives – then everything is possible.