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Hope is the catalyst when you decide that from this moment on things are going to get better. Once you choose hope, anything is

I always try to be positive. Let’s face it I write about this stuff, but I am going to let you into a little

You are what you think – that is an indisputable fact in my book - and is the very essence of positive thinking, but

Short of money, having trouble meeting the bills or wondering how you will get through to the end of the month? Most of us

We are by nature a superstitious bunch. We try to interpret signs and symbols as a way of telling our future, we look

When was the last time you took a risk? I am not talking here about stupid life threatening risks for adrenaline junkies - that

When was the last time you had a serious conversation with yourself? I am not talking here about a few random thoughts, but a

This is it – the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge - three separate Challenges in one – the Positive Thinking equivalent of a marathon and

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