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Positive thinking works when you combine it with action – when you are prepared to go that little bit further to achieve what you

Everyone is afraid of something, especially those that profess to be particularly tough and resilient. Ironically it is frequently the strongest that turn out

Very few people fully understand the concept of positive thinking and how it works. Those that wish to criticise the potential it offers are

What has Covid-19 or Coronavirus got to do with positive thinking? It is a disease – right – and everyone can catch it –

Positive thinking is at its most powerful when you can forget all about it. That is why I have always disliked the use of

Positive Thinking works using the power generated by your subconscious mind and unlike you, it never switches off. It continues to look after your

You have no idea just how much power you possess. It remains hidden deep inside just waiting for the right time to show itself

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