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I want to tell you a story about a beautiful young women called Cinderella. Hold on a minute – why are you wasting everyone’s

Life is not fair – everyone knows that – so why do you keep saying it when things fail to work out for you.

Most people confuse the real benefits of positive thinking. They see it only as a means of attracting material possessions rather than a way

Do you know what – there is nothing wrong with being selfish – in fact it can be a very good thing and can

“If only I was 20 years younger and knew what I knew today.” How many times have you heard that phrase or variations of

Powerful positive thinking really does work, it changes lives and it attracts prosperity, happiness and much more. For those who are prepared to work

How bad do you feel right now? Have you hit rock bottom, wondering as you look into that abyss if your life will ever

We all suffer from jealousy to some extent – it’s an integral part of human nature to be envious and desire and want things

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