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This is it – the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge  – the Positive Thinking equivalent of a marathon and if you are really serious about

Positive thinking has plenty of critics. They see it as some kind of new age hokum, a prop for the vulnerable and those looking

Ever thought that enough is enough? Do you feel you are all out of options? Have you tried and tried again, only to fail

We all have problems to face – lack of money, poor health, bad relationships, stroppy children, rotten job – how long do you want

For me, positive thinking is a way of life. I know that when you are prepared to embrace all that it can offer, it

Some people will tell you that if you want to achieve prosperity, then you have to work for it and that working for success

Are you ready to make some real new year resolutions that help you be that powerful positive thinking person in 2021 and beyond? Are

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