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Change your mind set and lose that excess weight forever

We all know how tough it is to lose weight. On day one you are full of resolve to lose those extra pounds but after a week or two you can feel the will power beginning to wane – and bit by bit you have put yourself through several weeks of anguish for nothing.

You have read all the books, you may even have attended groups such as weight watchers. You have tried shakes and every faddy diet you can think of and you are still looking in the mirror and seeing a fat person looking back.

Welcome to the world of the Yo-Yo dieter.  This is the scenario where you lose weight and rapidly put it back on again with the additional penalty of weighing even more than when you first started. There are millions out there just like you and it’s not going to get better until you change your mind-set – but more about that later.

Thinking slim is a marathon and not a sprint. The trouble is that in the world of instant gratification everyone wants to lose all that excess weight in just a few days and when that fails to happen they get disheartened. That why fad diets that promise instant weight loss seem so attractive.

That weight went on ounce by ounce, kilo by kilo, over many years so what makes you think there is a magic button that will make it disappear overnight? You will not immediately change the engrained habits that make you eat the wrong type of foods or that stop you exercising.

Why you eat too much can also be part of your emotional state. We have all heard of comfort eating but whatever the reason you have for losing weight it is never going to happen until you change the way you think.

I am not a dietician or a health guru and this blog is not about the type of foods you should have or how long you should spend in the gym – that’s down to you. I just want you to start to think slim and get rid of all those negative thoughts you might have about your self-image and why you may think you are fat – even if you are – because we are going to change all that. To be more precise - you are going to change all that.

Powerful positive thinking requires you to get out a notepad and a pen because I want you to confront your thoughts and the things that are preventing you from achieving your perfect weight. This is an exercise you only have to do once, but it needs to be done well and honestly if you are to succeed.

First of all you must vow to like yourself. Stop looking at all the negatives because most of them have no basis in truth. You are unique and special and not only do you look good but you going to look even better soon when you shed those few pounds – so start by writing down everything that is wonderful about you and don’t be modest.

Then write down your target weight – what you want to achieve and give yourself a realistic time line to make it happen. Take a year or even longer if you wish. Do not put yourself under any pressure because the weight went on over a long period so give it chance to come off again just as slowly if you wish.

Next you must write down that you intend to diet and what you are going to do to make that happen. You will have to cut out something or reduce what you are already consuming, so choose wisely. Do not cut out all the luxuries because what’s the point of being miserable – make sure you have plenty of treats – just a lot fewer than before. In short you must vow to watch what you eat and drink and cut down where you can.

This is your message and specification to the universe. Your note can be as long as you wish but I now want you to destroy it and have faith that the universe has received your message. Never think about it again because you are not dieting or slimming – you are now a slim person.

Every day when you look in the mirror stop saying here is a fat person because that is no longer true. You are getting lighter by the day and I want you to look at that person and feel empowered because you are making it happen.

The scales will reflect the good news you want to see and hear. Slowly you will be the person you want to be. Hold the faith and picture in your mind. You have made the first and most important step.

Positive thinking + common sense + action gives you the power.