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Changing your fears. Drag them screaming from your mind

Fear is one of the worst emotions anyone can face. I am not talking about raw fear, that gut wrenching adrenaline fuelled feeling where you have to choose between fight or flight, I am looking instead at that nagging day in, day out voice in the back of your head that reduces you to constant worry.

It is the one thing that is preventing you from moving on in your life. It changes the way you think to the point where even the smallest thing can completely change your mood in seconds. All it takes is a misspoken word, maybe a demanding letter, a thoughtless remark – and your mind goes into overtime as you imagine the worst.

If you are having trouble paying a bill, it doesn’t mean that you will be declared bankrupt with all your possessions taken away. This is the last resort for banks and big corporations who will do their best to help you.

If you had an argument with friends it is unlikely that they will shun you forever, at least not if they are good friends. If you are facing health issues wait until you get the right advice before thinking about the worst outcome.

Fears about losing a job, offending that special person, losing the one you love – that list is almost endless, but feel free to tick the box that applies to you – will end up attracting the very thing you least want.

So how are we going to eliminate fears from your life? Only you can do that but, you are not completely alone so let’s see how Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) can help - that combination of positive thinking, common sense, realism and action.

However, before we look at the solution let’s make sure that we properly identify the problem. It starts with you confronting and dissecting your fears and getting them into perspective. Ask yourself what are you really worried about. Chances are all that you have is this nagging feeling of worry and anxiety that something is not quite right.

Start picking at that nagging feeling. What’s it all about? Confront and question it so that you have clearly identified the thing that is worrying you. Drag it out of your mind screaming for all it is worth, if you must – but confront and identify you will – for unless you know what concerns you, no one else can help.

There, as if by magic your worry appears, no longer protected by false emotions but standing naked before you and feeling very vulnerable. It is no longer a nagging worry because you have confronted it and reduced its power over you – it is now only a challenge waiting to be solved.

Now you are ready to put PPT into action. Your fear is out in the open, write it down on paper or use a PC, mobile or tablet if you prefer. Go into some detail about this fear and question it. What is the worst thing that can happen? Is that likely?

Carry on writing or typing and then express what you want to happen – the best outcome that’s right for you. Tell the universe that it is not welcome in your life and you wish it to be removed. Check your message, make sure it’s right for you and your wishes – and then destroy it. Tear up the paper, delete the message and have faith that the universe has received it. Vow never to think about it again and then you will be ready for good things to happen.

OK! I accept that it’s not so easy to forget the message because that’s the big worry, but forget it you must because when you keep returning to the problem the universe will assume that you wish to keep it – so keep the faith.

This is when the next part of PPT comes into force. You need common sense to decide what else you are going to do to eliminate this or these worries and then choose a course of action with realistic expectations.

You are unlikely to believe you will win the lottery so look at attracting smaller amounts of money to begin with. You don’t leave an abusive relationship overnight, it takes courage and a realistic strategy and you don’t get slimmer or achieve better health unless you do it small baby steps - you get the idea.

PPT is a life changer but as I have already stated it does require common sense. Everyone is afraid of something – crime, physical violence etc – but these are rational fears and if we are wise we take steps to avoid such things. You may extend such fears to your loved ones but there is nothing wrong with teaching them to be wary or streetwise and such concerns represent natural anxiety unless you give them power by turning them into an obsession

It is the mental fears, your own irrational thoughts that we are talking about here – and you have the power to change them – will you?