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Are you ready to change your life forever?

These Powerful Positive Thinking Programmes have the power to change your life. They are designed to challenge the way you think and have been developed to make you confront your fears and anxieties and eliminate them from your life forever.

Complete these programmes and we show you how to attract the good stuff – more money, better relationships, peace of mind, happiness and the things that have always alluded you. They are designed to help you make the changes that you need to create a better life

It is why we are proud to offer this growing range of interactive videos for adults and children who are willing and prepared to challenge all aspects of their negativity.

Our programmes are designed to make you work and think about the issues that may have been holding you back, so you have to be serious, you have to be willing to accept change, you have to be ready to embrace a new way of thinking.

Our programmes are unique and totally new and are based on our global experience with schools and colleges worldwide. The children’s courses are identical to the ones we provide for teaching professionals across the globe and it is their feedback which has allowed us to develop similar modules for adults to address more mature themes.

Our courses are interactive, which means we will be asking you to pause at certain times to consider what you have heard and to provide your own personal feedback. Depending on how long you pause then each programme will last for between 15 to 25 minutes.

And here is the good news. You can access these programmes for an annual cost of just £30 a year and throughout the next 12 months we will be adding additional modules to ensure that you will have a growing volume of positivity – whenever you need it.

There’s more good news - when you sign up, we will send you a positivity pack containing booklets for you to register your thoughts and to help attract support from the Universe. The pack also includes purple and white wristbands to help you remain positive arriving wrapped in a special edition cotton bag as a reminder that you want to change your life.


If you are ready – click any video to sign up.

Children’s Programmes

Programme one – Becoming a super positive person

Help your child to become a super positive person. In this programme we look at issues such as confidence and low self esteem and how these things can be overcome.

Programme two – How to stop using negative words

In this programme we show young people how to deal with their fears and worries and how to overcome anxieties and the kind of things that can hold back at school and in life.

Programme three – How to conquer your fears and anxieties

We all have to deal with bullies at any age. In this Programme students are shown how they can deal with bullies and not let them make life difficult.

Programme four – How to improve your body image and lose weight

All children feel sad from time to time, but some find it more difficult to cope with their feelings. In this Programme we show young people how to deal with these issues.

Programme five – How to beat procrastination and indecision

This programme concentrates and celebrates diversity and explains to children why we are all so different.

Programme six – How to end loneliness

Programme six shows children how they can be the best person they have always wanted to be and how they can achieve this.