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Claim your personal positivity pack

This is your personal positivity pack. It contains everything you need to attract what you want from the Universe and is designed to help you remain upbeat and positive at all times, providing permanent reminders to let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

Within the pack is one of the most powerful tools ever devised to work with the Law of Attraction? It is a pad, complete with full instructions that will enable you to write out your own personal specification to the Universe. Using this pad will help you to focus your desires and work with the Universe by combining action and common sense.


The pack also contains

  • a Powerful Positive thinking pen,
  • Two of our famous wristbands in purple and white
  • A notepad to record your thoughts and emotions each day
  • A sheet of stickers
  • Your own personal diary which you can use in conjunction with our 30 Day Challenge.


  • All these items come in one of our Powerful Positive Thinking eco-friendly cotton bags.


This daily record will help to remind you how you felt and reacted to situations each day and is there for you to recognise what you are doing and write down how you intend to change. Each page contains an inspirational quote to remind you to stay positive.


Attract prosperity into your life – FREE with every positivity pack

We have now added something a little special totally free of charge, to our highly popular positivity packs, to help you attract prosperity into your life. They are three Chinese coins, bound together with red twine for maximum benefit. They represent both heaven (the circle) and earth (the square).These Chinese coins are considered especially lucky and are believed to bring prosperity to those who possess them and that could be you – free with every new positivity pack.


The entire pack, which costs just £7.95 plus postage and packing, comes with one of our Powerful Positive Thinking cotton bags, tough and environment friendly so that you can take the power with you at all times.


For UK customers £7.95 plus £3.97 p&p


For Worldwide customers £7.95 plus £6.97 p&p

  • Samantha Young 8th June 2019

    Ordered my Powerful Positive Thinking Positivity Pack on 3rd June & received it through the post the very next day on 4th June. The only thing that was missing from it was the Powerful Positive Thinking Pen lol x

  • Donna 14th July 2019

    Love to order the pack but no money