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Congratulations on completing the challenge

You have achieved a fantastic result in completing the 30 day positivity challenge. Your order for a new white wristband is currently being processed and should be with you soon.

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What can you do next?

No matter who you are or how confident and successful you may be, everybody has something deep inside that terrifies you. It's part of the human experience, left over from our prehistoric days when a healthy fear kept you alive.

Trouble is today hundreds of fears or phobias actually HURT You! Here are just a few:

  • Fear of failure (keeps you from trying)
  • Fear of success (sabotages your every effort)
  • Fear of looking foolish (keeps you from speaking up)
  • Fear of speaking (keeps others from seeing your brilliance)
  • Fear of loneliness (pushes you into unhealthy relationships)
  • Fear of poverty (clouds your financial decisions or creates workaholism)

No matter what the fear is, my friend John Assaraf has the latest brain science that PROVES -- every single fear you have Can Be Broken -- you CAN be free from fear once and for all!

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Keep Positive

Michael Younge