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Powerful Positive Thinking – unique courses for primary, secondary schools and Academies

For just £95 a year your school can have unlimited access to a series of powerful courses and modules designed to challenge mental health issues such as low self-esteem, bullying, negativity, feelings of worthlessness and much more.

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Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you can find out for yourself by downloading the first primary module for FREE or to see part of the extended two part course for older students.

These Powerful Positive Thinking Courses offer the potential to change lives for the better and have been described by teaching professionals and trained counsellors during pilot studies as “electric” - with students engaging and supporting each other in ways that have “never been seen before,”

Our courses have been developed with the help and guidance of teaching professionals and trained counsellors to motivate, inspire and challenge the way that students, children and young people think and we now invite you to decide how these courses can make a difference in your school or academy.

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For Secondary Schools and Academies

This is a two part course with each segment lasting between 45 minutes to one hour, to be presented by a qualified teacher or Counsellor. Developed, with the assistance and support of teaching professionals  the different components make up the most extensive and comprehensive course that has ever been advanced in this area.positivity challenge

Counsellors tell us that it has the Wow factor creating such a high level of engagement with students that you can almost visibly measure the change in body language and positivity as the course progresses.

Presented on power point the course can be easily adapted or paused at any time, to take questions or discuss issues in more detail. The author has added in several areas throughout the course to allow students to consider what they have just heard and put forward their own examples of positive and negative attitudes to increase engagement. Please note: We recommend that every student taking part has a wristband. Please see below for more details.

Secondary Course Part 1

The first section confronts the problems of low self-esteem and how this can be overcome by changing the way people think. It spotlights personality traits that hold back development and shows how these can be challenged and changed.

In Part one we also look at the scientific evidence of Powerful Positive Thinking and Positivity in general to help reinforce the message that negative thoughts need to be replaced.

There have been numerous studies from organisations as varied as Kings College, London to the US Army that show how the power of thought can change outcomes, reduce stress and promote happiness.

Positivity and courses such as this are now widely taught by the military, leading business organisations as well as schools, charities and others committed to promoting powerful positive thinking

Secondary Course Part 2

The second part is more practical and takes students through the process of identifying what they want by instigating action plans and strategies to achieve their goals by developing positive mind-sets.

This part looks in depth at the way successful people think and offers practical teaching and support to help eliminate negative habits, anger, feelings of inferiority and poor attitudes and life skills and is aimed at students who have failed to reach their true potential due to feelings of low self-worth or lack of confidence.

Many who suffer from low self-esteem and negative thoughts are unaware of how damaging this can be and how it prevents them from attaining what they need in life. The course helps candidates confront and recognise those thoughts and find ways to overcome them.

This is why we recommend that teachers work particularly closely with students in the second part to identify goals and more importantly to develop strategies and action plans to deliver positive results.

Courses for Primary Schools – motivating “Super People”

This is a course in seven different modules in segments lasting around 15 to 20 minutes to ensure that trained teachers and counsellors have plenty of time to discuss some of the issues raised. It is in easy to understand language designed around a central theme to help motivate youngsters to become “Super People.”

The courses are designed to be fun and in addition, we supply purple wristbands for every pupil taking part. These are designed to remind children to flick them when they are feeling sad or negative.  There is a cost for these bands of £5.95 for a pack of 10 but schools can, if they wish, easily substitute ordinary elastic bands, bearing in mind limited budgets.

The modules cover a wide range of topics from bullying, feeling sad and what children have to do to be “Super People.” Each module allows time for children to share their thoughts in writing or drawing images or by talking directly to the teacher or counsellor.

Module 1 - talks about what is like to be a “Super Person.” They do not get angry; they are not mean to others and they learn how being more positive and motivated can make them feel better about themselves.

Module 2 – talks about how thoughts can affect your moods and also discusses in detail the types of phrases children use when they are negative and how these can be replaced with positive alternatives.

Module 3 – talks about fears and how they can hold you back. We discuss practical ways in which “Super Positive People” can overcome irrational fears and move on with their lives and be happier.

Module 4 – talks about having fun and doing the things that you enjoy most. You don’t have to be part of the crowd and it is not always about winning – it’s about you choosing as a “Super Person” to have fun. We also talk in this module about bullies, angry people and what you should do in such situations

Module 5 – talks about what happens when you feel sad. Even “Super People” feel sad from time to time. Children are encouraged to understand their feelings and what they should do when they are not feeling happy. We also talk about thanking others and expressing gratitude.

Module 6 – talks about the magic of positive thinking and how scientists have worked out that “Super People” are happier because an optimistic nature helps them to improve all areas of their lives.

Module 7 – is a quiz which talks about everything that has been presented over the previous weeks. We provide a series of alternative answer to help children remember what they heard.

Even more from your annual schools package

When you sign up for our courses we also include these two e-books packed full of inspirational blogs to help promote and communicate the benefits of positive thinking. Each e-book contains 30 different blogs between 600 to 800 words long and covers a variety of different subjects. Each blog can be adapted by teaching professionals and used in conjunction with our courses or act as standalone modules and are available to download after you have signed up.
Each blog has been written mainly for older children and adults and in some cases cover mature themes such as divorce and weight loss. It means that some of the blogs might not be suitable for young children and we ask teaching professionals to use discretion when communicating the principles contained in each article.
However, as you will see the overall objective of each blog is to communicate positivity and mindfulness to boost self-esteem and we have been told by many teaching professionals that they act as useful reference when teaching vulnerable young people.
It is a fact that if young people can be taught to think positively and expect positive outcomes, it’s a skill that they carry with them through life and I sincerely hope that you find these blogs useful and beneficial to the students in your care.

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Providing the tools you need

To assist teaching staff still further we have developed a range of optional tools to help children and students understand the principles of positive thinking a little better.

Wristbands: As already mentioned every student taking part should have a wristband. The idea is that it should remind you to ping it when you are feeling negative. This helps to reinforce an individual’s determination to get rid of negative thoughts. Packs of 10 Wristbands are available on this website at £5.95 plus postage and packing of £1.50 for UK schools.  For the rest of the world, packs of 10 wristbands cost £5.95 plus P&P of £4.50

The 30 Day Book: This is designed for student to log their thoughts over a 30 day period. Each book comes with a series of motivational thoughts on each page. For 10 books the cost is £11.00 plus £1.80 p&P; for rest of the world £11.00 p&P £6.50

Pads for writing your positive thinking: For 10 books £15.50 plus £5.20 p&p for UK schools. Rest of world, £15.50 plus £7.20 p&p.

Positivity Packs: These include two wristbands, the 30 day book, positive thinking pads, cotton bag, positivity stickers. £7.95 each plus, £3.97 p&p for UK schools. Rest of the world £7.95 plus £6.97 p&p

Available Free

  1. Remember you will need wristbands but can substitute any other type of band
  2. Download for free a page from the positivity pad which you can then photocopy
  3. Remember to download a copy of the certificate to show that “Super People” have completed the course

The energy that emerged from the group during the sessions, the buzz that they left with, the support for each other was just incredible,” said Lynda Ketteridge, School Counsellor and Student Support Officer, Greensward Academy, Essex, UK.


Download your FREE positive thinking course for your school

Our courses can change the lives of students in your care and we want to demonstrate just how effective they can be by offering you a FREE sample module to let you judge for yourself.

An annual subscription giving you unlimited access to these modules is usually available for just £95. There are seven different modules – each around 20/25 minutes long - for Primary Schools and for a limited period, Lesson 1 can be downloaded for FREE. If you like what you see then we hope you will sign up for the rest. Download it by clicking here

If you are a secondary school there are two modules, each around 45 minutes to one hour long and you can download the first 11 slides in Module 1 to give you an idea of the kind of the kind of things we are trying to achieve. There are 45 slides in each section of these courses which are very much aimed at Students from 12 to 18 years of age. You can download the slides by clicking here.

All of our courses are designed to address a wide range of issues such as low self-esteem, confidence, anger, bullying and much more. We know that they work, we know that engagement levels are high and we know that they can act as powerful tools in helping teaching professionals and counsellors like you tackle these and other mental health issues which is why we are confident in making this FREE offer.

Please note that we make reference to positivity pads and wristbands which can easily be substituted by ordinary notepads and elastic bands to achieve the same effect.

Children with mental health issues

Powerful Positive Thinking courses have been shown to help pupils with mental health issues but we are not trained medical people or psychologists. Schools wanting assistance with these issues should visit other websites which specialise in these key areas.

We do not make any claims for these websites but hope you will find them useful