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Don’t be confused about Karma and positive thinking

Most people simply fail to understand the true meaning of Karma. They believe it’s a great excuse to explain a person’s evil actions as the reason why they are now being punished. In reality, such explanations could not be further from the truth and should never be seen as part of any powerful positive thinking programme - and I want to explain why.

Karma and the deep rooted faith that surrounds this ancient belief, form a major part of some of the world’s greatest religions and when practiced by Buddhists, Sikhs or Hindus, is meant to illustrate responsibility and how we should treat other people. You cannot argue with centuries of such unwavering faith and ancient knowledge.

The problem is, that many people get confused with the concept of Karma and the spiritual way that it is practiced by the devout - and falsely compare it with some form of retribution on those that have done something bad.

Real Karma is not about punishment or reward. It is focussed instead on what you are doing or will do with your life – and most importantly the way you do things. Do not confuse Karma with how you think because this is what the Universe responds to and this is what causes stuff to happen – good and not so good.

We have to accept that there are many bad people who consistently get away with evil – and they continue to lead charmed lives seemingly free of any kind of punishment. This is because they do not regard their actions as bad or evil and do not believe they have done anything wrong.

At the other end of the spectrum there are numerous others who try to lead good lives but frequently fail to receive any kind of success or recognition. The big hearted, of course, never expect any kind of adulation, but sadly many others become bitter and frequently develop a sense of entitlement which reinforces their thoughts of lack – in both cases - the Universe never disappoints.

Powerful positive thinking and Karma therefore become blurred in people’s minds. The first is about what and how you think while the other is about the way you choose to lead your life. Let’s take charity and the concept of giving as a good example.

Charity is a huge part of positive thinking and frequently gets confused with Karma. Many believe that if you consistently give sums of cash to the needy then the Universe and positive thinking will take notice and magnify what you give by 10 or 20 times back into your bank account.

Be aware that this is not a done deal because it is the way you give and not the GIVING that matters. If you choose to give because you think you will get a return – it won’t happen. If you choose to give because of peer pressure or feel you are being forced to – the Universe will not like it.

It is what’s in your heart that really matters. If you feel good and happy about giving then the Universe will respect and understand the way you think about money and ensure that plenty more comes your way. Karma on the other hand is leading your life as a generous and caring person and giving where and when you can with no thought of reward.

The same rules apply to everything else you do in life. If you choose to take something on because you believe will receive a special benefit, then you are going to be disappointed because you have opted to do it for the wrong reasons.

And here lies the clue to powerful positive thinking – it is how you feel that plays a huge role in its success. If your heart tells you that it is right, if it is making you smile and if you are doing it for the right reasons, then the Universe will respond in kind.

That’s real karma because it’s the way you have chosen to lead your life and when you are in that state of mind the Universe will always be listening to what you need and will be ready to respond. Your thoughts will become more powerful and so will you – your journey begins here.