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Don’t get angry – get planning

It’s not so easy to be positive when you have just heard that your oldest friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We are talking here about a woman who has never smoked a cigarette, eats all the right foods and exercises regularly – so where’s the justice in that?

The work colleague who related this story told me how devastated and frustrated she felt at the news. “It’s just not fair,” she said. “I feel so angry right now. Why did it happen to her?”

I found myself doing and saying all the usual things because I wanted my colleague to feel better. As words such as “they can do marvellous things nowadays” and “I am sure she will have many years left in her” left my lips I began to ask myself should we be thinking about this in a different way?

So I continued and asked my colleague if she might focus instead on all the good things that she and her best friend might do in the years that are left.  Maybe think of those special trips, sea cruises, the bucket list that I guess most of us have.

She could of course still concentrate on her best friend’s death and try to visualise the cancer being attacked by all the good antibodies but we all know how hard it is to keep up those positive thoughts – nigh on impossible when you are concerned about your best friend.

There are some who say that such positive thoughts merely add more emphasis to the disease and highlights how critical it is. By concentrating on the good and positive things to come then you can let nature, the universe and the doctors take care of the medicals and you can concentrate on the good things to come.

It’s a point of view and will not work for everyone but it is a lot easier to look forward to fun happy events than constantly focus on a disease. What do you think?