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Embrace positive thinking and end the loneliness in your life

As humans, we were never meant to be alone for long periods. We are a tribal species, evolved to live within recognised family units, we crave the company of others and work better as part of a team. However, thousands of years of civilisation has gradually eroded the role of the traditional family – and the end result for many in the western world is an epidemic of loneliness.

While some time alone, especially for those who choose to meditate, is proven to be incredibly therapeutic, extended days or even weeks of isolation have the complete opposite effect. For those experiencing such loneliness – it becomes more difficult to be positive – but if you are in this position right now, be assured, it is not impossible and if you are ready – let’s begin.

The first step is to decide that you are fed up talking to the wall. It will be difficult to start with because you are what you think and enforced periods of isolation has allowed you to dwell in the past. Almost certainly you keep considering the good times you once had, mourning the passing of such events and have sub consciously decided that you are unlikely to ever be happy again – you get the idea.

As the years pass, older people in particular, become trapped in a downward spiral making it even more difficult to interact with others. They gradually lose contact with people and slowly they allow their lives to be taken over by the debilitating effect of loneliness.

Ok! So far, not so positive and if you are reading this and thinking – yes, that’s definitely me – then it’s about time that you started doing something about it – and what is there to lose? Let’s start by identifying where the loneliness began for you – was it divorce, the passing of a much loved spouse or partner, children or other close relatives moving away, old age or the inevitable loss of close friends – there was a moment or a time when you began the gradual slide towards the loneliness you are now feeling and that is the point from where you rebuild.

Why that particular moment? It was the time when you were not experiencing loneliness and you need to recapture that moment and remember how you felt then. You need to confront the issues that caused the downward spiral in your life and ask yourself a few questions – what happened? Did I allow it to defeat me? Did I take any action to rebuild my life? Did I surrender to feelings of sadness and negativity?

It might be a combination of all these things, but everyone is unique so you will find your own questions and of course – you will need to find the answers as well. Powerful positive thinking offers a solution and a way forward even if you have experienced loneliness and isolation for many years, but you will need courage, plenty of common sense and if you really want to change your life you will also need the other key ingredient – action.

First decide what you really need to end the isolation you now feel – it will obviously be different for every person. It will range from a bit of extra company from time to time for some to a whole new life style change for others – only you will know what you need.

Write it down, take time with this to specify the new life you wish to attract and the type of people you want to share it with. Make sure you add plenty of detail and common sense – this is your specification and you need to get it right so make sure that you add plenty of happiness, joy and realistic goals. Just doing this will help to change your mind set.

You might well be saying at this point that you have been focussing on the same dream for months and nothing has happened. Just because you have written it down, what’s the big difference – good question and an easy answer?

This is the bottom line – you have focussed so hard on a solution to end your loneliness and the Universe has listened and assumed that is exactly what you want – more loneliness – and that is what it has delivered.

Hopefully, you have now thought about what you need for the last time. You have written it down and now I want you to destroy the note. The Universe has received your new order and is ready to knock on your door as long as you let it get on with its job – so forget about it.

What you now need is courage and action. No one has to be totally alone – there are thousands of groups, charities and clubs that would welcome someone like you. There are night schools and courses you can undertake, there are singles holidays – the list goes on. Get on the internet, look in the local paper and choose to start your new life.

You have to be ready to give the Universe a helping hand to deliver your order and if you are taking action you are speeding up the process. That’s the real power of positive thinking – are you ready?