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Everything you really need to know about the Law of Attraction in 826 words

What is it about the Law of Attraction that continues to baffle, amaze and create debate whenever it is featured? There have been literally thousands of books about the subject to the point where it has almost become a religion – no wonder there is so much confusion and controversy.

Over the years various writers seem to have unwittingly contrived to make a simple subject as difficult as possible to the point where it has become severely misunderstood or dismissed as hokum.

None of these writers could ever be accused of having malign intentions – quite the reverse – but in attempting to put their own slant on the debate they have simply written millions of additional words that add little to the subject and make everything sound a lot more complicated.

At this stage it is probably worth defining what the Law of Attraction is for anyone in doubt. It is simply the power of the mind to turn thoughts into reality - your reality. Regular visitors to the PPT website know that we like to keep things as clear and concise as possible and while we can never claim to have all of the answers because every person is so uniquely different – this is what we believe covers everything you ever need to know about it.

Firstly, does it work? The answer is a resounding yes – because there are so many well documented cases where people have turned around their lives by adopting its principals. It would therefore be foolish to deny its existence or efficacy.

So why doesn’t it work for me? Whether you realise it or not the Law is working for you but not in the way you had intended. If you are a person who has created a story board or working on a zillion affirmations a day or constantly visualising your objectives – then all you are doing is telling the universe that the thing you are concentrating on does not exist in your life, there is lack and the universe will assume that is what you want – a total reverse of your stated goal.

In fact the more you concentrate on your desires, the less chance you have of achieving them. The result – frustration, a loss of belief in yourself, the Law of Attraction itself – and much worse you are reinforcing all of the negative thoughts you had at the beginning of the process.

Ok! So what’s the answer? Regular visitors to PPT know that we always ask you to start with a sheet of paper where you write down the thing or things you wish to attract into your life. Don’t worry, you only have to do this once but it helps to clarify exactly what it is that you want – after all you need to ensure that the universe gets it right.

The next bit requires the second essential ingredient in the PPT process if you really want the Law of Attraction to work for you. You must now use common sense to ensure that the things you desire to attract are realistic. Why give yourself a hard time trying to visualize a massive lottery win when a few thousand would be welcome – start with the small stuff and when it works you can go on to bigger things.

But let’s get back to your specification. Be as detailed as you want, feel free to edit and rewrite – after all this is your wish, unique to you and your lifestyle. Read it through one more time to be absolutely sure and then DESTROY that piece of paper – shred it, burn it, tear it up – you decide.

Your specification has now been received by the universe and by destroying the message you must now have faith that it will be delivered. NEVER focus on it again if you can prevent it – after all, when you buy something on line you don’t ring up the company on a daily basis to see if they have received your order.

The last piece of the equation is action. Start to do things that help to turn your dream into reality. Everyone likes a helping hand and the universe is no different and it also helps to reinforce your wish and bring it a little closer.

You don’t have to make grand gestures. Keep everything simple – baby steps to begin with while you learn the entire process. In time you will be the Master of the Law of Attraction and it will become a regular part of your life.

So are you saying that that’s all there is to it? Well yes - keep your wishes clear, simple and realistic; write them down on paper and then destroy and forget the message; remember to use common sense and then take action –  and that’s really everything you need to know about the Law of Attraction in 826 words.