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Fear should never be the motivation to change your lifestyle

We all know we should probably be a little slimmer or fitter. We all know that we should probably be having a better diet, free of sugar, processed and junk foods, we all know that we should give up smoking – and we all know that we will probably consider all of the above – maybe tomorrow, or next week, just after the holiday – you get the idea.

Then along comes the bad news – high blood pressure, potential stroke, heart disease, diabetes – accompanied by the warning that your life style has to change or else. When that happens – in nearly every case – weight magically disappears, those vital changes are implemented and you start to visit the gym or decide to walk a little more.

It’s a sad indictment that it frequently needs the fear of dying to force most of us to make the choice to change our lives when we already have the ability to be anything we want. The missing factor for most of us is the motivation and staying power to maintain those changes.

I also know from personal experience how hard it was to give up smoking and all but a dedicated few are Yo-yo dieters but it succeeded for me with Powerful, Positive Thinking (PPT) and it can happen for you.

I started by telling the universe that I was a non-smoker and had already achieved my ideal weight. I wrote both of these aspirations down and then destroyed the paper, confident that the universe had received my request. Like everything else with PPT it is important that you quickly ignore the request rather than constantly focus on it – you only need to send the message once.

However, if you have read this far you are probably already thinking – “if only it was that easy.” But it’s not difficult either if you really want to be slimmer or stop smoking, but you will need to bring in the other two key factors that make PPT work – common sense and action.

Let’s start with smoking because that’s much easier than slimming - at least it was for me. There are so many support aids about such as nicotine chewing gum, vapes and so on so at least you have a little help if it gets too bad when the cravings lock in. But the real point here is that you are a non-smoker, you are not giving up, you are not even trying to give up, you are a non-smoker – and that is what you told the universe so it must be true.

In time your brain will be baffled by the fact that you are even having cravings when it knows that you are a non-smoker. Hold that thought because that is the common sense part of PPT telling you.

Finally you need to combine the common sense with action and that is when you will really get the power. You must have a strategy when the cravings or the habit gets to you. Decide in advance that you will do something else when that happens – you choose what that is going to be – a brisk walk, drinking a pint of water, any kind distraction until those cravings go away - and go away they will and they will become less frequent.

So let’s move on to slimming. Most smokers use the excuse that they will get fat if they stop and they may for a time but let’s remind you again about the Doctor’s warning – do you really want fear to be the motivation.

You have already decided and told the universe about your ideal weight and you know the kind of food you should choose to make that happen and the type of things you probably need to avoid. So let PPT do its work and it will, if you combine common sense and action.

Let’s start with common sense. Unless you have a severe medical condition no one said that you have to be super slim overnight. You choose the time scale for a gradual reduction in weight and then you can take action by slowly eliminating the so called bad things.

Slimming doesn’t mean giving up on all the fun stuff such as going out with your mates, binging during holidays and so on. That weight went on gradually so why not let it go down in the same way.

Introduce what I call the “Just Ask” strategy. That means do I really need that biscuit or slice of cake, sometimes the answer will be yes but as long as you are gradually cutting down and slowly altering your life style, then success will follow.

You powerful positive thought is the need to make change, common sense is telling you that you do it at your pace and the strategy is just ask – which will make you question every mouthful.

With this kind of focus the scales will tell you everything you need to know.

PS: These blogs are deliberately short and are intended to be motivational, to get you started on the changes you want to make. Please look out for similar blogs on smoking and slimming if you need a boost.