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Fun positive thinking gifts to put a smile on your face

Anything that helps to keep you positive has to be a good thing and there are literally thousands of different products designed to put a smile on your face when things are tough. Here at PPT we have taken a tongue in cheek look at what’s out there but as always we leave you to decide what’s right and what works.

Positive thinking products or gifts, anything from affirmation cards to posters and plaques can be a fun way of keeping you in the right frame of mind, helping you to combat stress and everyday challenges.

We have chosen several different gift ideas but please remember they will never be a substitute for the Powerful Positive Thinking person you intend to be but anything that helps the journey is always welcome.

We always issue our usual health warning as we do not stock or directly sell any of these gifts. Some of these products involve regular affirmations. As long as it’s not the same affirmation over and over again – then that’s great – as repeated phrases merely confirm to the universe that the object of your desire is missing in your life – and that’s probably the way it will stay if you continue to focus continually on it..

However, many such products do provide the inspiration for the person you want to be so use the affirmations, write them down if you can and then put them in a cupboard and forget about them.

Most mentioned the list below are simply fun positive thinking gifts – a bit off beat and unusual – and one or two are probably only suitable for people who already have everything. It’s a reminder of just how lucky they are.

Mindfulness Gift: Rustic jar full of daily mindful tasks and challenges

What if you brought your life back to what is happening right now? A daily dose of mindfulness is said to enhance creativity, productivity, peace of mind and reduce stress.

Developing a mindful lifestyle takes practise, time and patience. Old habits must be softened and replaced with new ways of thinking.

Neuro research has shown us our brain needs about 30 days to adjust to a habit change. This is the goal behind our "A Month of Mindfulness" products. 31 daily tasks designed to enhance your mindfulness. Printed on high quality postcard-sized paper with a related image on the reverse.

The exercises are oriented so that they are easy to carry out even on the busiest days. Most exercises can be performed anywhere and at any time, often without other people knowing about it.

If you practise these mindfulness tasks every day, you'll hopefully go a little more mindful through life. We wish you much luck & joy! Choose between just the cards or the cards folded into a stylish rustic jar.
Stress Less Cards - 50 Inspirational Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises | Helps Relieve Stress, Anxiety | Natural Relaxation, Insomnia & Sleep Aid

50 EASY EXERCISES FOR EVERYONE: This unique Stress Less Cards deck contains 50 extremely effective exercises to help you relieve stress and deal with anxiety whenever you need it the most. Easy for everyone to use, these powerful techniques can be quickly memorized and used in any situation; on the bus, at work, at your desk, while queuing at the supermarket or before going to bed at night. These exercises are designed to stop that stress reaction and help you relax.

POWERFUL MEDITATION & NLP TECHNIQUES: Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, as well as powerful Mindfulness meditation exercises that are known to help reduce anxiety and stop the mind's automatic stress response, you can now tap into the wisdom of advanced Yoga masters and Meditation teachers without requiring any prior knowledge. Learn to focus on your breathing, observe your body and awaken positive emotions through effective visualizations and witness your life changing.

RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Already used and recommended by medical doctors in occupational health care, as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapy professionals and trainers, these cards are a safe and reliable self help solution to efficient stress management and anxiety relief.

YOUR FIRST AID KIT FOR INSOMNIA & WORK STRESS: Suffering from insomnia can be seriously debilitating. Regular sleeping aid pills, loaded with dangerous chemicals might not be the best way to deal with its distressing symptoms. But, even if you simply need effective help to deal with a stressful environment at work, these cards offer a natural, self-empowering way by teaching you invaluable techniques and that you can keep with you for life.

CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE: With its compact size (playing cards size), this convenient and lightweight Stress Less Cards Deck is specially designed to allow you to take it with you everywhere you go. Simply, stash it in your handbag or backpack and have it handy every time you need it.

Success & Inspiration in a Jar. A Month of Thoughtful & Motivational Quotations in a NEW STYLE 314ml Premium Italian Orcio Glass Jar

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: The perfect gift for Teachers, mum, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, friend, teacher & colleagues......in fact the perfect gift for anyone who you just want to show how much you care and how much you value their friendship. A ideal gift for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Graduation, Exam Good Luck, Secret Santa, Best Wishes & Congratulations for any occasion. A perfect gift to yourself!

ADORABLE GIFT BOX is 12cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm in size. The 314ml Premium Orcio Italian Glass Jar is 98mm tall x 85mm wide. EXTRA BONUS Quotes included in each jar.

SPREAD JOY ALL YEAR: When you buy your Jar of Smiles today, you will get a GIFT jar filled to the brim with kind and humourous Quotations. Each jar is hand made and contains 31 colourful quotations in a high quality glass jar for you to pick at random each day of the month.

INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION: Smiles by Julie have created a range of quotation jars in various themes which contain a month's worth of quotations for inspiration, laughter, motivation and success. Our jars of thoughtful and happy quotations are the perfect gift for inspiring someone every day, to help them reflect on daily life and to reach for their goals.

THOUGHTFUL, PERSONAL TOUCH : Most importantly our Customers provide the best quotes -" Really lovely gift. Really put a smile on my friends face." ~ "Best thing I've purchased - love the idea!" ~ "....was extremely well received and was seen as a very thoughtful gift. I would definitely recommend this as a really kind thoughtful gift." ~ "Lovely unique gift. My friend was delighted with it.

One Small Positive Thought In The Morning Inspirational Mug Gift Cup Ceramic Present

Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
Ceramic Mug

Mindfulness Gifts Mindfulness Affirmation Cards – 48 Cards – Create a Clear Positive Mindset with A Pocketful of Inspiration

DAILY PRACTICE TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS TO CREATE A BETTER YOU - daily stress, challenges and the unknown can have a direct impact on the way we interact with people, how we perform at work and how in touch we are with family and friends. Give yourself time each day to adapt your way of thinking to make changes that will improve your mindfulness and adopt positive habits

WHAT IS THE CONCEPT OF MINDFULNESS? - mindfulness is the simplicity of bringing your attention to the present moment. Typically, our minds are busy with many different thoughts both about the past and the future and many of these thoughts can have a negative impact maybe causing depression or anxiety

POSITIVE THINKING HOW MINDFULNESS AFFIRMATION CARDS CAN HELP YOU - by focusing on the present moment, you can bring your mind back to a state of calmful clarity where you are more likely to find peaceful resolutions to situations. Create a new and improved you with our helpful, powerful mindfulness tools

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION CALM REFLECTION - these cards may lead you to want to explore more about mindfulness, meditation or can simply help you to monitor your thoughts and emotions and help you to progress to feeling more balanced, bringing calm creativity and serenity to your life. There are 48 cards to practice with everyday featuring beautiful images of nature

MINDFULNESS GIFTS ARE A THOUGHTFUL GIFT - mindfulness gifts in the form of cards are a superb way to help a friend who needs some calm relaxation and motivation in their busy life. They are personal, a gift of love and support and more importantly a way to concentrate on positive thinking in their own time

Handmade Bestie Gift Quotes of Positivity, Laughter and Loving Thoughts. 31 Inspirational Quotes for Each Day of The Month.

This thoughtful handmade gift is a perfect gift for your Bestie to show them you are always thinking of them. A great mindfulness gift for when someone needs a pick me up, for a birthday gift or as a lovely Christmas gift. A great gift to send positive energy to a loved one.

This gift is full of 31 positive quotes, loving thoughts and funny sayings that are sure to raise a smile, laugh and provide inspiration. Each quote is printed on paper (Approximately 3cm by 10cm each) which are then individually folded by hand and carefully placed in an organza bag ready for the recipient to select each day for a month.

LETTERBOX FRIENDLY - This gift has been designed specially to fit through a standard letterbox, so no need to be in when it arrives. Perfect if you are sending the gift to a loved one or if you may not be home when it arrives.

The organza bag measures 13 x 18cm and comes with a laminated label attached which reads "A Gift of Positivity, Laughter and Loving Thoughts for my Bestie. Every day for a month, pick a quote to remind you that I am always thinking of you." The gift is then packaged in a cellophane bag.

These gifts have been created with the knowledge that sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference!

Empowering Questions Cards - 52 cards for meditation, writing, or any other empowering process you like

EACH DECK OF CARDS: Includes 52 beautifully illustrated cards with empowering getting to knowyourself questions! Open the pack and discover all the self help questions. The pictures on the cards depict colourful doors in Tallinn, Estonia! The doors to your inner world and a deeper insight of who you really are!

EMPOWER YOURSELF: Love yourself again, embrace every single detail that makes you unique and bring mindfulness to your life. Start inner conversations every once in a while, trigger positive responses that will stimulate a calm, positive and peaceful attitude towards life. Nothing can stop you now! You are in control!

REGAIN LOST CONFIDENCE: Struggling with low self esteem, loneliness, everyday workstress and overwhelming anxiety? Say no to all of the above with these powerful meditation cards. Find answers to all your questions. Examine yourself, discover your hidden energy, release your strength, and gain that lost confidence back.

DISCOVER THE NEW YOU: These Empowering Questions cards can help you initiate powerful inner self talk, travel you back in time, facilitate reminiscing and forgiving, ameliorate the way you treat yourself, and help you overcome difficulties in the long run. Find the true meaning of life by simply answering these questions.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN PROCESS: One of the greatest things about these Empowering Questions cards, beside their lovely colours and intriguing questions, is their versatile nature. Use them anyhow you want. Ideal for writing, journal keeping, meditation, solo or with others, and as a visible reminder of your goals! The options are endless.