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Gratitude and how saying thank you attracts the good things in life

Much has been written about gratitude. Some writers have produced hundreds of words and whole books devoted to the very human act of saying thank you. It’s because this very simple phrase plays a key role in the delivery of positive thinking and if you are serious about changing your life you should include it as part of your daily ritual.

The skill is in finding things to be grateful for and if you are going through a difficult time right now then you might feel that I am asking the impossible, but sit back for a moment and take a long hard look at your life and you might be very surprised by what you discover.

Most of us lead fairly ordinary lives with the usual day to day worries but please stay with me as I will come back to you a little later. I first want to focus on the terminally ill, those that are handicapped, those going through a divorce, those facing extreme financial hardship, those that are being abused – such a list can be almost endless.

You would think that people facing such problems have little to be grateful for, but have you noticed how the terminally ill frequently set examples for the rest of us with their courage and fortitude – grateful for the lives they have had, the support of their families and thankful to have had another day. It is their gratitude and positive thinking that frequently works miracles, defeating the illness that has beset them.

Have you also noticed that those facing dramas such as a divorce, abuse, or money troubles suddenly realise what is really important in their lives and give thanks to that realisation. Positive thinking combined with gratitude helps to turn their lives around as well – and when the drama is finally over most will admit that they are now in a much better place.

For those facing extreme difficulties it is probably easier to identify what is really important – not so easy of course for the rest of us – I did say I would get back to you so thank you for staying with me thus far.

Everyday lives can by their very nature become humdrum, small dramas get exploded out of all proportion and the daily grind just goes on. You have already sunk into a negative pattern without realising it so things will slowly become more arduous, your relationships will seem dull and your job and home may lose its sparkle.

You have forgotten just how lucky and fortunate you really are and you have stopped saying thank you for the many blessings in your life. Have you got a nice home? Say Thank you. Great kids, family support, good job – say thank you. Did you feel healthy this morning, did you have a great breakfast, was the ride to work ok – then say thank you.

You have simply taken for granted the things in your life that really matter and thankfully you have not had to face any extreme issues to remind you of just how lucky you really are. That’s what I mean by taking a long hard look at your life and when you do this to coin an old fashioned phrase – count those blessings.

The power of positive thinking starts with gratitude because it helps you to focus on the good things in life. At the same time it will correct your thinking by seeing those good things for what they really are.

Like all things to do with positive thinking you do need to apply a little common sense. You are not going to change overnight from being dull negative person worn down by life and turn into superman or super woman.

Start in a small way from the moment you wake up. Say thank you for another day brimming with opportunity, say thank you that you have hot water and a warm home, say thank you that your family is well – you get the idea – keep finding things to be grateful for and express that gratitude throughout the day.

And as you go to sleep you might also want to go over your day and find something positive to say thank you for. By doing this you remain in a positive mind set and this also helps to attract anything else you are trying to manifest such as extra money or a lover,

By focussing on what you are grateful for then you are not going over what it is you want so you are leaving the universe to get on with the job of bringing you all the good things that you desire – now that really is something to be grateful for.