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How positive thinking helps overcome mental anger

Have you ever considered how anger can destroy lives? I am not talking here about primeval outbursts or savage attacks, even though such things have the capacity to physically damage, maim, wound or far worse.

Anger that leads to physical confrontation is a whole different subject and under certain conditions where perhaps you are trying to defend yourself, it can obviously be justified. Those that express their anger in physical attacks and abuse need help as do their poor victims and has little to do with powerful positive thinking.

I am talking about something entirely different that can be so innocuous that few would describe it as real anger. But anger is what it is – maybe mental anger is a better description. It is expressed by continued impatience, road rage, long sighs, disapproval, constant negativity, sulks, short fuses, acrid comments and put downs.

The sad thing is that, more often than not, the people dishing it out have no idea they are doing it or the persons they have turned into – but their partners do – because day by day, minute by minute, they are slowly being worn down by their loved ones. Eventually something has to give – a divorce or separation or even worse, one partner will simply give up and say nothing for a quiet life. If you find that hard to believe just look at the couples in restaurants, eating in total silence.

Have you turned into that angry person? Has stress or the continued pressure of life changed you into such an intolerant being that you find it hard to find any joy in life? If that’s the case you are probably finding every day a struggle and everyone you meet is an irritant and it almost certainly takes very little for you to lose your temper.

Before going further it would be best to get everything into context. If this is a recent problem it can probably be attributed to real ongoing issues such as job or marriage difficulties and yes, you would have a good reason to feel stressed. This is perfectly understandable and hopefully in time you will resolve those issues and be the person you once were.

I am talking instead to the person who has gradually changed over the years, who has allowed life to get them down, the person who now carries all the cares of the planet on his or her shoulders. For you, life has become a daily drudge where you are on autopilot and where you seem to have lost interest in the people that matter.

If that person is you, then this is your wake up call. This is your opportunity to put things right before friends and loved ones decide you are no longer worth the bother. You need to take hold of your life and get rid of that negativity and self-destruction before it is too late.

It is your time to write a new strategy and a new beginning, your opportunity to turn negativity in positivity. The first step has to be realisation that you are willing to change and if that is the case then let the people who matter most to you know that you have had this “Road to Damascus” moment – because they will understand and want to help.

Regular readers will know that I write about common sense powerful positive thinking and right now you will need plenty of common sense if you are to go forward. You will need a pen and paper to write down and acknowledge the person you have become. Do this with your loved ones if it helps because they will be relieved that you want to change. Be sure to add all the things that you have been worrying about or getting stressed over – they never seem so big when you actually acknowledge them in this way.

By writing down a description of the person you have become you now have the power to make those vital corrections. Add another sentence by stating that person no longer exists. Then you must carry on writing by describing the person you want to be. Don’t be shy or self-effacing – you have a lot of catching up to do and with the help of a friend or partner they will remind you of the person you once were.

Finally address the things that have been consciously or unconsciously worrying you and write out a strategy of how you intend to overcome them. Once you are happy that your specification addresses all the issues and includes a positive plan for the way ahead – then destroy that piece of paper.

Maybe you and your partner or friend could make a big ceremony out of doing this. It is your way of telling the universe that you are a changed person and have a strategy in place to deliver those changes. When that paper is finally destroyed you must forget all about it – the universe has got the message and does not want you to keep thinking about it.

Concentrate instead on your plan of action. Starting working on those worries whether they are personal, financial or life in general and things will improve. You will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You have used powerful positive thinking, plenty of common sense and the action you are taking now will change your life forever.