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How powerful Positive Thinking can work in your life

You may have reached this part of our website via a link from another blog and will be wanting to know how Powerful Positive Thinking can work for you and your particular challenge or you may have simply arrived on this page via your chosen search engine intrigued and wanting to know more.

It doesn’t really matter because you are here and you will now be asking what is “Powerful Positive Thinking?” How does it work? How can I make it part of my life? The good news is that PPT is so simple and logical that anyone can embrace it because it is based on old fashioned tried and tested common sense and realism. this

There really is no big secret to PPT, you don’t need story or visualisation boards, you can forget about all those affirmation, meditation and focus sessions, unless of course you enjoy them and they work for you – PPT is not about us telling you what to do – it’s about your personal choice and where you want your life to go next

Best of all you don’t need to wade through a massive book to find the stuff you need. There are plenty of excellent publications and brilliant authors out there if you want to take your research a little further – all we can do is pass on our experience and let you decide.

We would like to think that this is your first step towards a new you, a voyage of discovery that will give you a fresh take on life. It really doesn’t matter whether you are short of money, whether your love life sucks, whether you lack confidence – the principals are identical and you already have the solution waiting to be unlocked from your sub conscious.

There are many different blogs and articles already on this site which cover these and many other issues, as some of you have already discovered and we hope they have helped to inspire you – and if that is the case then you are now ready to take the first step to a new you.

We have already mentioned story boards, affirmations, continued positive focus – we think it sounds like a lot of hard work - all that writing, all that remembering to affirm as you go to sleep and wake up. It all sounds fantastic as you read your chosen self-help book because at that particular moment you are feeling really motivated.

A day or two later when life has chucked you a lemon you have already forgotten those good intentions. You are too busy getting on with the day to day challenges we all face - so most fail at the first hurdle.

Ironic as it may sound, that’s a good thing. This may be hard to believe but the more you focus on what you want, the less chance you ever have of receiving it. But isn’t this, you might ask, the total opposite of everything all those other self-help gurus recommend?

That’s not for me to comment but the Law of Attraction states quite clearly that you will receive what you focus on most.  You have to remember however that the Law is like a computer and if you fail to get the programming just right then it is not going to work.

Your continued focus on the object of your desire is merely telling the universe that it is lacking somewhere in your life. The more you focus, the bigger the lack and surprise, surprise that is what you will attract – the thing you fear most. Without knowing it you are really focussing on what you don’t want to happen.

Fortunately, with PPT there is a much easier and simpler alternative – and all you need is a piece of paper and a pen, Yes, I know that most of you prefer to use PCs nowadays but trust me old fashioned paper and pen will work a lot better.

You now need positive thinking to write your own personal specification, your blueprint to overcome any challenges you are now facing. First write down your objective, the thing or things you wish to achieve – and here is where common sense comes into force.

You are not going to be a brain surgeon overnight if your current occupation is a car mechanic, you are unlikely to win the lottery, your favourite heartthrob or celebrity will not be in contact to declare undying love. You have to keep it realistic because you need to believe that your objectives are possible.

So let’s get back to them. If its money you need then think of an achievable sum that will initially get you out of trouble with just a little more added on. Once that goal is achieved you can then concentrate on the bigger stuff because you will know that PPT works for you. The same applies to your love life or any other issue you face – keep it to baby steps to begin with – the things that your sub conscious will accept.

Make your specification as detailed as possible, read it back to yourself several times to make sure you have not missed anything. Are you satisfied that all is OK? Good because now I want you to destroy that piece of paper, burn it, bin it, tear it up but get rid of it.

That is your message on its way to the universe and it has received your specification and is ready to deliver. So all I have to do is sit back and wait then? Yes is the answer, but only if you keep to the next and final three rules of PPT.

You must first totally forget about your specification and what it contains. If you keep concentrating on it and asking where it is then you are never going to receive it. The penultimate rule is to have faith that your message has got through and is being processed and will be delivered – believe it is happening after all you don’t phone up a shop every day and ask if they have received your order if they have already told you on at least one occasion that it has arrived – how stupid would that be.

The last rule is action. Like everything else the universe needs a bit of help from time to time and if you are ready to back up your specification with a bit of activity such as looking for as new job, joining a dating site or cookery class, obtaining a new skill - you get the idea – then things will not take quite so long. Remember you have already written down in your specification to get these things - so the way is being opened for you.

You have now witnessed Powerful Positive Action in practice, you did not have to purchase an expensive self-help book – all the information on this site is free. And to keep you in a positive frame of mind e-mail us for your free “I have the Power” wristband to remind you that as you meet the odd challenge on your way to a new life – you are still on the right route.

Enjoy your success.