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How to attract the right person into your life

Sadly, there are many lonely people in the world, anxious to attract the right people into their lives. For many, it never seems to happen, no matter how hard they try to look for that Mr or Mrs Right. The more they attempt to think in a positive way, the more elusive that special person becomes.

It may sound ironic but believe it or not, positive thinking IS working, but not in the way it was intended. By constantly focussing on the lack of someone in your life the universe automatically assumes that’s what you want – and as the law of attraction never fails – that’s what you get.

As an analogy consider what happened to us all when we were teenagers locked for the first time into that spectacular crush on the boy or girl of our dreams. The more we wanted that person, the further we drove them away – or that’s how it seemed. Paradoxically, you will also remember that the people you fancied least were always there, the seemingly permanent stalkers who would never take no for an answer.

That was Positive Thinking in action – you drove away the persons you wanted most because you focussed on the fact that they were not part of your life – and the universe did not disappoint. You also constantly sent out a message that you did not fancy the others and once again the universe misunderstood your intentions.

Confusing or what? So let’s start again by using Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT). Firstly work out who or what you need to enter your life, the more precise the better. Write it down if it helps so that you can be as accurate as possible. Once you have made that decision, tear up the paper and throw it away, delete the thought – the universe has already got the message and there is no need to ask again.

This assumes of course that you have used common sense and been realistic about your aspiration. It would probably be difficult for example for an 80 year old man to attract a 20 year old fashion icon into his life. Huge sums of money might help but that’s not what we are talking about here. Your sub conscious has to accept that the person of your dreams is achievable.

The next step is action. The universe is working for you but a little help is always appreciated. Try to join social events, night school classes or other functions where you might meet people – be brave. There are dating sites of course but be careful on first meetings and keep it public.

With PPT you now have a winning combination. The universe is already looking out for you, your sub conscious knows that the person of your dreams is not too far away and just to help things along you are also making it happen.

Positive thinking, plus common sense and you have the power.