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How to be happy

We all want to be happy, to have peace of mind and that inner feeling of tranquillity. Sadly, it is an elusive dream for many, weighed down with what seems like insurmountable problems and a general feeling of hopelessness.

I try to write blogs that inspire but how to be happy is the hardest thing to talk about because it means different things to every single person on the Planet. In reality, this means that happiness has to be a personal crusade set against the context of your own existing life and lifestyle?

In western society most people think they would be happier if only they had more money, or looked better, perhaps a little slimmer, a little less wrinkly – you get the idea. It could be that you are looking for love or are locked into an abusive relationship – I could give an endless list of examples. The good news is that these are things that you can change, but more about that later.

We have to accept of course that sometimes there are very good and understandable reasons to be unhappy – bereavement, a family crisis, mental health issues – where with professional help and time, or a combination of both - things will eventually heal.

But for most us, worry, anxiety and fear prevent us from being truly happy. They blight our daily lives because that is all people can focus on, particularly when times are tough.

If your job is on the line or you are wondering how to pay the bills then it is perfectly understandable to have worries and fears but the law of attraction states quite clearly that the more your focus on such things – the more they come to pass. You create the thing that you fear most.

If you are facing similar challenges in your life it probably seems almost impossible to focus on the positive. But I want you to do that and I want you to do it right now. I want you to bring Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) into your consciousness. It is the first step in how to be happy.

Write down the outcomes, the thing or things that you want to happen that, when delivered, will take away those worries and bring you happiness. That’s what you ask for, but it has to be done with common sense because if you keep thinking about it you will only be telling the universe it is not part of your life – and that’s what it will deliver.

Once the outcomes have been written down and you are sure that is exactly what you want, then destroy the message and then forget about it. The universe now knows exactly what you want and no longer needs a constant reminder.

Action is the last part of making PPT work in your life. You will immediately feel better because you have done something to address the thing that is worrying or challenging your peace of mind.

By clearing the way ahead you will also see practical ways of tackling your problems. You have started with positive thinking, you have combined it with common sense and action and now you have the power. How to be happy starts now.