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How to manifest a £10 note

We all want a bit more money, loads of the stuff would be even better, but for the purpose of this very short blog I want you to attract a £10 note into your life. If you don’t think it is worth the bother then you are clearly not that worried about cash but to use the words of a UK Supermarket Chain – every little bit helps – so please indulge me.

If £10 means very little to you in monetary terms, this is going to seem very easy, but for some it may well be the difference between eating tonight or maybe even having a roof over your head – and for you this will obviously be a lot harder – but not impossible.

The reason for choosing such a small sum is to illustrate the principals of attracting money into your life in a common sense way – the real power behind PPT – and the reason why it works while other forms of positive thinking simply founder in a sea of frustration.

You will never attract more money into your life unless you can master powerful positive thinking. So resist the temptation to visualise the equivalent of a lottery win, be humble and realistic, and your subconscious will quickly take on board that you require £10.

There will not be a little voice in the back of your head telling you that a £10 manifestation is impossible, there will not be any doubts that £10 is on its way and most importantly you will quickly forget that you ever asked – and that’s when PPT really starts to work.

As soon as you cease to focus on the money it will find its way to you. Perhaps you will discover £10 in the street, you might win a casual bet, you might find something at the back of the sofa – who knows or cares as the universe will decide. The point is that you were quite relaxed about attracting such a modest amount and that’s why it found you.

Now here comes the good bit. Once you have mastered attracting £10 it is your time to graduate to something a bit more exciting – maybe a £100 or even a £1,000. It has to be a sum that you sub conscious will accept without interference from that little voice.

Gradually it will become easier to attract cash into your life and then that lottery win will not seem so far away.

Positive thinking plus common sense gives you the power to attract money.