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This is the PowerThon story – the gymnasium for the positive mind

Serious about changing your life? Want to attract all the good things – wealth, happiness, great health. Want to be a Super Positive Person?

Are you ready for your next challenge? I know you want to be a more positive person because you are on this website – thank you. Now you’re ready to train your mind still further and I have developed all the tools you will ever need. Want to know more?

You have already checked out our website with its hundreds of free blogs and video wall. We update this each week so there is always something new. So, if you are ready, then take the next step and join the Powerful Positive Thinking Family as a Premium member.

Are you ready Great, then check out these Powerful Positive Thinking Tools. They are totally unique to us. You cannot see them anywhere else and they are designed to work together to turn you into a Super Positive Person.

This is the most comprehensive package of positivity anywhere in the world. Just look at what you get as a Premium Member.

  • Hundreds of exclusive motivational posters to download for free – with new ones added each month.
  • Access to interactive programmes to help you cultivate a positive mind set. These are real time lessons in positivity to help you solve your lifestyle problems.
  • 60 inspirational blogs to download and keep.
  • E-cards you can send for FREE to friends and colleagues.
  • Dozens of 25 second video affirmations to promote positivity. Tell us about your special affirmation and we will turn I into a video for you.
  • Positive thinking should also be about fun so we have added a few extras such as: •
  • Our famous online wishing well to show you how to develop your order to the Universe together with your own special-order pad.
  • Our famous series of 30 day Challenges to help you lose weight, attract money and turn yourself into a positive person.


So, what do I have to do to join? Click here to subscribe: https://www.powerfulpositivethinking.org/go-premium  We have made it affordable for just about everyone to join with our special introductory price of £4.95 or $6.88 US. I am Michael Younge and I look forward to welcoming you.