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If you want to be wealthy you must first treat money with respect

Super rich people are usually very careful with the way they spend their money. Some would argue it’s because they are mean and miserly, but evidence suggests the complete opposite. Most of the world’s greatest philanthropists are from the super-rich and this has been the case throughout the ages.

The super-rich will not squander money. They respect it and what it can do and as a result they attract more cash and more wealth. Jealous individuals will respond with the time honoured phrase that it’s money to money and wonder why they cannot be in the same fortunate position.

The short answer is that you can as long as you are prepared to obey the same set of rules. Look at the world’s wealthiest individuals, discard those that became rich via inheritances and you will find people just like you who started with very little and built empires.

But let’s assume for the moment that you have no desire to be the next Richard Branson but would just like a little more money. That’s fantastic, because it means you have just discovered the first rule – the road map and the way that the most successful entrepreneurs got started.

They needed money to turn their dreams into reality and in the absence of a bank loan or a lottery win they had to find the funds from their own resources. That meant spending less and using the surplus to build up capital.

Right now most of you will be thinking that you can barely scrape through from month to month as it is. You have an overdraft, credit cards to pay off, bills that seem to get bigger and bigger – and if anything you are getting deeper into debt.

Well, that’s how it is going to continue for you unless you are prepared to do something about it because I am now going to ask you to save at least 10% of your income each month as the second step towards becoming a wealthy person.

In fact I want you to reinforce that commitment by opening up a savings account and every month I want you to deposit that 10% and watch it grow. Some months will be tougher than others when 10% will be impossible – but that’s your target and if 10% is too much it might be just 1% on occasions, but you must deposit something and enjoy seeing it flourish and expand.

So how are you going to find that 10% when you are already cash strapped. We come to step number three because you must now write down every item of expenditure you have each month and ask the question – is that really necessary?

Let’s start with the credit cards. Are you able to consolidate these into one interest free payment with another provider? Do you need to pay out each month to a gym, can you do without a foreign holiday and can you cut down, reduce or eliminate any item of expenditure. It might even be worth putting all your debts into one loan and reducing your monthly outlay – only you know what is right for your particular needs, but look at you outgoings you must.

By focusing on your expense’s you are giving your money respect and making it work for you by freeing up 10% each month into your savings account – and now here comes the good bit. The first thing is that you fully understand your financial position and you are actually accumulating wealth. The second factor is that you can use that accumulated wealth just for you – a special event, the start of a new business or deposit on a home – you decide.

Every time you go to spend money I want you to question if it is necessary. Forget the impulse buy or casual whim – this is your hard cash we are talking about and only you can decide whether you really want that item.

Bit by bit you are slowly going to feel and be wealthier and it is going to get easier. Now I want you to take that fourth step and open another savings account. This could be just for fun, or special purchases and I want you to put another 10% in each month.

Don’t worry because this is the account that is going to be there just for you and it will mean that you will be less reliant on those expensive interest sapping credit cards – and when you get a nice attractive amount – then go out and spend it.

By taking these actions you will feel like a wealthier person and the law of attraction says you will attract more money – money really does come to money when you treat it with the respect it deserves and can handle it responsibly.

It is all down to those baby steps once again, common sense and action. It is the formula for Powerful Positive Thinking and it will give you the Power.