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Imagination – the powerful positive thinking tool

Imagine by John Lennon, one of the most iconic songs of the last 50 years, uniquely sums up everything that is different in humans compared to every other type of animal on the planet. It’s the gift of imagination, that special ability to create our own reality that is in built into every individual – making it the very powerhouse of positive thinking.

Imagination has the ability to make you rich or poor, to be healthy or unhealthy and to succeed or fail – as you think – then so you create. Positive thinking people imagine everything going well for them, even when times are difficult and as a result their lives are superior in every way to those that can only think negatively.

People with active imaginations are not day dreamers. They are working with the great Amazon of the Universe to attract good things into their lives. They are slowly working on their order and the Universe is listening and ready to deliver just as soon as the final detail is added.

Now some of you could be thinking right now that you imagine winning the lottery every single day, you know how you will spend the money, who you will help, but nothing happens. That’s because you do not believe it is possible, so that little voice, that minute seed of doubt at the back of your head, completely cancels everything out.

That’s the reason why so many people believe that positive thinking is a myth. The imagination is working alright but the common sense factor – the second real essence of powerful positive thinking – is sadly lacking.

If you are not a natural positive thinker then you have to train your mind, you need to work at it, to recognise when you are being negative. In another blog on this website I challenge readers to manifest a £10 note and when you have mastered that you can move on to the bigger stuff – and who knows – one day you might be so proficient at positive thinking, a big lottery could become a real possibility.

However, positive thinking is not all about material gain, it is a lifestyle choice. Positive people are happier, face fewer problems, attract greater opportunities and succeed, frequently against all of the odds because they imagine they will always win through.

They imagine that they will easily fulfil every task, they can see others applauding and praising their abilities and as a result the material things automatically follow. They use their common sense to attract peace and prosperity rather than some shortcut solution.

Positive thinking people use their imagination to improve their lives one step at a time and succeed because they believe it will happen, the odds are not stacked against them like a giant lottery win – they are merely improving their lives little by little.

Negative thinking people expect to fail no matter how hard they try. They are serial failures because they are beaten before they ever try. Their imaginations have already forged the future and once again the Universe is ready to deliver exactly what they have ordered.

Positive thinking people also take action to deliver their dreams instead of sitting back and waiting for something to magically happen. When you combine that action with common sense thinking and a powerful imagination then you really are Masters of the Universe.

If this is all new to you right now then you have no idea of the power and potential that exists when you let your imagination run riot. Every single person on the planet has this special gift, everything around you, the clothes you wear, the home you live in, the technology – all came from the imagination of someone.

Use your imagination now to create your new life. Be ready to plan it one stage at a time. It doesn’t matter whether you are poor or at the lowest ebb, your imagination is ready to take you to new places, baby step by baby step.

Keep it positive and don’t be ready to give up when obstacles cross your path – that’s just life and positive people accept these challenges and learn from them. Your imagination is a powerful tool and if you allow it to dwell on the negative then that’s what way your life will go.

So train your mind, when your imagination turn negative, alter those thoughts. Take command of your imagination, be its master and it will serve you well.