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Instagram versus Reality is a no contest – Reality wins every time

The image most of us give out to the rest of the world bears no comparison to the real person. We always want others to think we are more attractive, smarter, better educated and more successful – you get the idea – the trouble is there are some who take things a little too far.

We all have a stylised version of the person we would really like to be and for some it’s becoming a worldwide trend – it’s even got its own name - Instagram versus Reality. These are the people who post what they believe are complementary air brushed images of themselves on social media – pictures they have decided are more attractive than the real thing.

Gone are the rolls of fat, pimples and just about every other blemish as they strive for perfection and approval from others. This way they know they can receive instant accolades from complete strangers – a short term fix to boost their self-esteem, but none of it is real.

If you are one of these people, you have forgotten just how special you really are. You clearly hate the way you look and act and somehow you try to convince the rest of the world that the Instagram version is the real you, complete with wow factor, but it is not you and you need to learn to love yourself before it’s too late.

The sad thing is that Instagram versus Reality can only make things worse. What might have started as a bit of fun simply reinforces that fact that you have no belief or confidence in yourself. You can only trust and admire the caricature you have invented.

Sooner or later the Instagram versus Reality bubble will completely burst and you will be exposed for the person you really are. Then you will publically ridiculed by the gladiator mentality from online trolls as images of the real you appear on social media - and there will be no going back.

You need to embrace positive thinking and slowly rebuild self-confidence, you need to believe that you are attractive and liked by others for the person you really are – unique and special – because there really is no one quite like you anywhere else in the world.

If it helps as you make the change back to reality, look in the mirror and imagine the stylised image you have projected onto Instagram as if it is really you. Imagine you have lost weight or have developed that coveted six pack. Learn to like and love the image you are seeing and slowly day by day it will turn back into the real thing.

There are people out there who like the real you. They think you are great company, you make them laugh and they enjoy having you around. That Instagram versus Reality image can never be you because he or she doesn’t exist or have substance.

Embrace positive thinking to create a new reality, the person you really want to be – and can be – rich, successful, attractive, popular – this is your life we are talking about so you can make up the rules.

Use common sense to spell out the future that is right for you and then take action to turn that vision into a new reality – the person you really are. What’s it going to be – a new job, new hobby or new lover – you decide.

There are plenty of blogs on this website that will help you create your new reality and as you do people will like you – even on social media – warts n all next time you post. This time it will be the real you, the genuine article and the accolades you receive will be real and not based on a false image.

It’s your choice – if it’s Instagram versus Reality – make sure that reality wins, every time.