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Let positive thinking train your sub conscious

Your mind is the most powerful organ in your entire body – be careful how you use it. When it is at its most positive, all things are possible, but when you allow it to wallow in negativity then all you will do is attract misery.

The mind acts like a sophisticated software programme for your sub conscious, the greatest computer ever devised and like computers everywhere it is totally devoid of all emotion and feeling and will do exactly what it is told.

Your brain and thoughts that develop in your imagination are passed down to the sub conscious ready to be delivered by the great Amazon of the Universe. There is no fail safe device – it will simply respond to what it receives.

So do not be surprised if everything falls apart around you when you keep filling up your sub conscious with negative thoughts. Computers – and that is what you sub conscious really is – take everything literally - and if it is negative information that it is receiving, then that is what you will get back.

No one of course expects you to walk around all day with a Pollyanna smile, yes you will get angry from time to time, you will have several negative thoughts or ideas – that is all part of being human and your sub conscious will recognise them for what they really are – just passing ideas.

It is the relentless day in, day out thoughts that constantly occupy your brain which are firmly impressed into your own personal computer. These thoughts are quickly identified as reality and then that in turn is what you will attract.

Positive thinking has the reverse affect. If you are constantly seeing your life as a success, if you always visualise yourself as a winner, a person who gets the job done, then that is what the sub conscious will receive and in turn – that is what it will deliver.

Not easy to do if you are in a dark place right now, but just think back for a moment when you have been confronted by some of your greatest challenges. Did they not pass in time? Did they not work out for the best and in hindsight – what would you do differently?

I am not talking about the passing of a loved one or a terminal illness. These are clearly life changing events which need to be dealt with in a totally separate way and only you can decide how such things should be handled.

We are looking instead at the day to day things we all have to face and you have a clear choice – complain about the situation you are facing and decide there really is no way out or choose to be strong and resolute, accept what has happened and then make positive plans for the future.

This means making a decision that you will be happy, that your life will improve, that all the bad things will soon be in the past. This means making new plans for the future and visualising yourself in a better place

Whatever you are facing right now will in time pass and it will happen a lot more quickly if you have a plan, a firm strategy that will help you from this dark place and back into the light where you really belong.

You can start now by reprogramming your sub conscious.  Start to focus on the good things that make you happy, see yourself as successful, prosperous and making a positive difference to the lives of others.

Use plenty of common sense and reality because there is no magic button that will change things overnight. These things have to be done gradually, a little at a time to undo all the negative programming – maybe stuff that goes back years.

This is because you have choice. When bad things happen to change your life you can choose to let them takeover or you can decide instead to fight back. Only you can make that decision and in my book it would always be the positive route – what do you think?

This is positive thinking in real action. This is the kind of stuff that will change your life on a permanent basis because we are creating a new you. Do not be confused with promises from some self-books that offer untold riches and success – real positive thinking is about changing lives for the better and that is what you are doing right now. You can concentrate on the other stuff when we have got you back to where you belong.

So if you are ready – then let it begin.