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Mindfulness and positive thinking – the key to business success

Look at some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and they mostly have two things in common – they are positive thinkers and they all practice some form of mindfulness. Not only is it the secret to success but it also helps to overcome and cope with the many stresses and trials of building up a business.

It is also worth noting that most entrepreneurs have also had their fair share of failures but here is the thing that makes them different – they don’t give up and tell themselves that success is beyond them – they put positive thinking into practice, stay focussed using mindfulness techniques - and learn from the experience.

There is nothing new in mindfulness – it has been practiced by Buddhist monks for centuries. It is based on mediation and putting yourself into a relaxed state to give you the ability to cope with any of the pressures that come your way.

Mindfulness can help every aspect of your life. It has been shown to reduce suicides in the workplace, it is proven to create increased productivity, higher morale and self-esteem and when introduced into a business environment alongside an active policy of positive thinking – then the sky really is the limit.

For most of us meditation might seem like a pipe dream. You have probably tried it many times and failed. You think you have followed all the rules like sitting up straight and concentrating on your breathing, but somehow your mind continues to go in all kind of directions and after a few minutes you give up.

Practicing mindfulness does take time and if you can find yourself a quiet place at some period during the day and shut out the rest of the world, then the benefits will be incredible, but there is an easier way.

Mindfulness, if you had to precis it down, is very much about living in the NOW and when you combine it with powerful positive thinking then you have taken the first steps towards success and you are ready to build a business empire.

Let’s think about that for the moment. If I am running a business what has NOW got to do with it – shouldn’t I be planning and forward thinking for at least the next five years? Guess it’s time to let you into another little business secret – in the absence of a crystal ball no one knows for sure what’s going to happen in five years’ time, but at this precise moment, it is crucial to ensure that you are doing all the right things.

You may now be getting a little confused but stick with it as we go on to the next step. When you decided to start your business – you worked out what you wanted to do, you made the decision to provide a particular service or product, if you were serious you formed a plan in your head regarding finance and cash flow and how you would attract and keep customers.

If you were any kind of entrepreneur you would also have factored in targets and all of the “what ifs” that might cause you to have business difficulties. You would have sought professional advice and based on all that, you would have planned budgets and financial objectives. I know about this because I have started and continue to run many successful companies.

So you see – your long term plan is now in place and as circumstances alter you will bend with the wind and make adjustments along the way – but one fact still remains – your objectives and aspirations remain the same. All the matters is what’s happening right NOW and that’s where mindfulness and positive thinking is going to make a difference to your business.

At this precise moment you need to be focussed on the moment, the challenges you face, the solutions you will deliver. By focussing on the NOW you will make the right decisions to take your business towards that crucial next step. You will not let other distractions get in your way but will action those decisions and then move on.

By focussing on the NOW you are practicing mindfulness and in time you can master the meditation and other techniques required – but let’s keep it to baby steps for the moment and if you really want to capitalise on this success then you must make sure that everything is supported by powerful positive thinking.

A positive personality is proven to bring many other benefits. It will certainly improve your decision making and make you more resilient to the day to day challenges you will face. You will almost certainly be more energetic – negative thinkers usually react far more slowly and because they fail to see opportunities will never succeed in the way you will.

In time you will be employing other people and your positivity will rub off on them helping to create a greater team spirit and higher morale. In turn your staff will work harder for you so you will achieve those original objectives even quicker.

Yes, there will be set back and failures, but you must regard these as learning experiences and if you factored them in at the beginning then ever better. As long as you keep focussing on the now and no matter what – continue to remain positive – then success will surely follow.