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Money – start with the baby steps

Do you know what – there is nothing wrong with being rich. Money doesn’t make you a bad person. If you are fundamentally good then your personality is not going to change, whatever the state of your finances.

Not all rich people are arrogant or corrupt but there are plenty of those in more reduced circumstances ready to blame the world for their problems. Billionaires such as Bill Gates use their immense wealth to do good in the world while others are happy to accept handouts because it’s easier than working.

We are obviously talking here of extremes. Most of us would simply be happy with a little bit more cash, enough to pay all those bills and have a bit left over for the fun things – so why do we all get so hung up on money – or more importantly, the lack of it?

The experts tell us that you have to think positively about money if you want more, but there is a growing school of thought to suggest that this could possibly be the worst thing you could ever do.

Whoa! Just wait a minute, isn’t this website all about positive thinking – what’s going on here? I thought you had to do lots of visualising and focusing on being wealthy. Daily affirmations as you wake up and go to sleep and all that kind of stuff.

If it makes you feel better then you can spend a lot of time doing that, but if you are visualising winning millions on the national lottery there will still be a little voice in the back of your subconscious chipping away and telling you that it is unlikely to happen.

You are simply focusing on all the wrong stuff and making it hard for yourself. If you are reading this wondering how to pay the mortgage and find food for your family how on earth are you going to magic up millions, when you are simply highlighting your lack of resources.

“So there is no point in all this positive thinking stuff, then.”

I did not say that. What I would prefer you to do is something far more achievable. Work out just how much you need to make an improvement in your life and then add a little more on top for the good things. Now that is achievable.

Focusing on a few hundred pounds or dollars, or the odd thousand or two is a good start. Your conscious and most importantly, your subconscious, will begin to get the message and the universe will do the rest.

Start with the baby steps and you will start to see results and as the money begins to flow in you can aim for something a little bigger and then who knows – maybe that lottery win is achievable – but by then you will not need it.