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Negative phrases and how you can eliminate them from your life

We have this nasty self-defeating habit of using negative phrases to describe ourselves and our actions. They come in a vast range of variations ranging from “I am not good enough” to “I am a failure” and they have the same debilitating effect.

They are the complete opposite to everything we know about the power of positive thinking, because every time you use or think such a phrase you are telling the Universe that you are worthless and totally unfit to receive any of the good things in life - and that’s exactly what you will attract, nothing that is ever worth having and nothing that will ever improve your life for the better.

You will not be surprised when it all goes wrong for you, because that’s what you expect. You have been saying as much for years as you experience one disappointment after another, further reinforcing exactly what you think.

The Universe is like a giant computer. It has no grey areas of understanding and will literally accept your personal software programme. If you are telling it that you are useless or that everything goes wrong for you, it will assume that is really what you want.

So how do we change all this? Later on in this article we will be looking at ways to help you stop using these dangerous self-defeating words so that you can set about altering your life and attracting the good things.

But before we can do this we need to look at every single one these negative phrases just to make sure we discard all of them. This is my hit list of words that are never to be used together with the other two mentioned  in the first paragraph, but feel free to add a few of your own.

  • I cannot do this
  • What will people think?
  • I am always alone
  • I do not deserve this
  • If only I had more
  • What if (please add subject)
  • This is impossible
  • I am useless, ugly, a failure, not as good as them etc.

I think you should have the idea by now. These are banned phrases because they cause so much self-destruction, but the chances they have become engrained into you sub conscious, possibly by a parent, teacher, or someone else in authority and you now believe them to be fact.

The first thing you need is one of our PPT wristbands because we are going ping these phrases out of your mind. If you have not got one you can apply for yours via this link – www.powerfulpositivethinking.org or if you prefer you can use any band, even an elastic band.

We then need a whole list of substitute phrases to offset the negative ones you have been using for years so that when you find yourself thinking or using them you will ping your wristband and immedicably substitute it or them for something more positive.

So for example “I am not good enough” or “I am a failure” becomes “I can make this succeed” or “I have the power to make this happen.” Don’t forget to use your wristband to reinforce the fact that you have substituted a positive phrase for a negative one.

“What will people think” can be replaced by “people think well of me and support me in my actions;” exchange “I do not deserve this” for “I have worked hard for this and the success that is coming my way.”

Get into the habit of exchanging negative phrases for the exact opposite, ping the band and gradually you will begin to see subtle changes for the better occurring in your life because you do deserve the good things and until now, the only barrier has been you.

Finally, just to make sure that all of these negative phrases are eliminated and to reduce the possibility of them ever returning, write them all down on a piece of paper. Put as many down as you like and when you are ready write the sentence – “these phrases no longer have any place in my life.”

Complete the sentence and have one final read to make sure you have not missed anything and then destroy that paper. It is your way of sending out the message to the Universe that things have changed and that you expect a better response in the future – and do you know what – you will.