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Overcoming fear of change

Fear of change affects nearly all of us at some time in our lives but for an unfortunate few it rules everything they do. It acts as a creeping paralysis, preventing them from ever moving on, working as a barrier to every goal and ambition.

Overcoming fear of change is essential for many. Millions remain in relationships that no longer work, jobs that have no future, homes that are no longer suitable because fear of change will never allow them to see a brighter alternative. Moving on for them means they might have to settle for something even worse – and they are unwilling to take that risk.

If you are reading this article and finding yourself nodding in agreement, fear of change is what's holding you back and more importantly -what are you going to do about it? You know that this irrational fear is ruining your life, so if you are ready to call a halt to everything that has been holding you back - then I have some good news for you – change is coming and you will succeed. All you need is a little push and here it comes – a massive dose of powerful positive thinking, mega lashings of common sense and the ability to take action to get rid of these fears forever.

So far so good but before you can take this next step you need to understand why and how this fear of change anxiety has been holding you back for so long, how it started in the first place and what is it, that is really frightening you.

For most people, fear of change and how to deal with change, applies particularly to relationships, which almost certainly started in childhood, especially if you were surrounded by anxious parents or other relatives. In extreme cases many of those affected are prepared to put up with mental and physical abuse because the alternative seems worse – but what are those alternatives? As far as the victim is concerned that could be fear of loneliness, fear of not seeing children or close friends, fear of financial instability – how long do you want this list to be?

Somehow that long list of problems gets wrapped up under the fear of change umbrella – so let’s start by looking at the worst case scenario. If you leave that relationship will everything really collapse? In extreme cases - yes, that could happen and then you have to ask yourself is freedom worth the risk and if you are unwilling to make that step then at least you confronted your fears and made the decision that you considered best for you. It might seem drastic but you would have overcome your fear of change and made a decision.

But for the majority of others, the world will not collapse and when you confront your fears by using lashings of common sense, a key part of powerful positive thinking. Your children will not stop loving you, good friends never leave, you will not be homeless or lonely forever because when you make that decision you will have made a plan of action, you would have asked for help and while it is a huge wrench the relief you feel will be worth it.

It might be rocky for a few weeks but we humans adapt and learn very quickly and you will soon find that most if not all of your fears were totally unfounded. This not only applies to relationships - you could have the same scenario for leaving a job, moving home, starting a business, you confront your fears, work out the possible outcomes with common sense and then take action. Overcoming anxieties and fears are much the same thing and you would have taken the first step.

Ok! You have checked out all the hard work, you are ready to make that change and reject your fears so where is the bright new future – that better alternative? Can’t you see it – that fantastic new life, your dreams and aspirations have always been there – you have just been too afraid to follow them through.time for change

Now comes the best bit of powerful positive thinking. Start by dusting down those dreams – they never really went away. If they are realistic then they are yours for the asking. Write them down in as much detail as you wish. Describe the action you are going to take to ensure delivery and then destroy your piece of paper in the faith that your order has been received and is ready in the universal warehouse. This is you taking action to overcome your fears.

The magic formula for success and for breaking the fear of change really lies with you. You always had the power to find freedom, it was only fear that held you back and until you confront those fears you can never accept them for what they really are – just fears – not how your future works out. From here on in, you make those decisions, you create your own reality and the universe will deliver what you think.

Freedom is yours – so let’s start the process.