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Positive thinking and Ebenezer Scrooge

It is the time of the year when the whole world seems to be celebrating – except you. For the reasons that only you know best, you are the Christmas Grinch. You hate the festivities, the lights and the noise so you, my good friend Ebenezer, will be visited by three spirits – the ghost of positivity past, the ghost of positivity present and the ghost of positivity future, because it is time that you changed.

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I love this time of the year so I hope that regular visitors to my website will realise that my tongue is firmly set in my cheek for this particular blog and of course I would like to apologise in advance to Charles Dickens and his world famous book ‘The Christmas Carol’ which provided the inspiration, but behind the story is a lesson for all of us who may have lost our way.

We need some spooky background music here because you Ebenezer will first get a visit from Jacob, an old friend. He died seven years ago, you remember because he was the only person who would really talk to you. How you used to complain about everything – laugh – the rest of us never thought we would start and would avoid you like the plague. That could have been when the negativity began in your life.

You never really had a good word to say about anyone did you and slowly all your old acquaintances drifted away and when Jacob died you were left totally alone, bitter and angry, particularly during festive periods when your loneliness felt even more acute. But Jacob, sadly too late for him, has seen the error of his ways – so please listen to what he has to say.

Of course it was not always like that – cue ghost of Positivity Past. You might have had a tough childhood, many did, but they did not all grow up like you, but even then you knew how to enjoy life with your family and life seemed good.

Do you remember as a child how you looked forward to Christmas and later as you grew older and started to train for your first job? You had many friends and there was a special person in your life and everything looked good. It was then that you were positive and looked forward to the future with hope and optimism. You could find it again if you wished and we will look later as to how we will do that.

Wow! We are back in your bedroom and those sheets could do with a change. You have let yourself go Ebenezer. Who would want to be with you in that state? You have to be aware of your appearance if you want to be a positive. But you don’t care because you have been distracted by the ghost of Positivity Present – a spirit with an irritating laugh for an old Grinch like you.

Who are all these people, those old friends and lovers you have chosen to ignore? Yes, we can see how busy you have been ruthlessly doing your own thing to the detriment of everyone else. You probably think those business people are your friends but they only want you for your money and would not even go to your funeral, but a few real friends and family are still there and would welcome you back into their lives – if you were prepared to make the effort.

The ghost of Positivity Present has one final message – want and ignorance. There are people far worse off than you – check out ‘Tiny Tim’ - so stop feeling sorry for yourself especially when someone with your skills can make such a difference in other people’s lives – helping charities or acting as a volunteer – you never have to be lonely around real people.

But is it too late for you because the ghost of Positivity Future is here – a person of few words – but a chilling message nonetheless. Where will your life go from this point onwards? It is not all about you – it concerns all the others that you have chosen to ignore and hurt over the years – and it’s payback time.

Of course you are angry and bitter but you have created your own reality and unless you are prepared to change, to be a better person, to celebrate life instead of complaining and moaning then you can never embrace of the true spirit of Positivity.

You Ebenezer have a real choice to make. Do you want to be a better person? Do you want your life to improve? Then give yourself a real Christmas present – a solemn vow to be a better, more positive person.

There are loads of other blogs on this website to help you get there – so what are you waiting for – Merry Christmas.