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Positive thinking and selfish people can make an incredible combination

Do you know what – there is nothing wrong with being selfish – in fact it can be a very good thing and can and does work in harmony with positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. All of us can be selfish from time to time and it might sound strange, but it is something that I would actively encourage.

time for change

But, like everything else to do with positive thinking, there is always a caveat which I would describe as good selfishness and bad selfishness – and the difference between the two are enormous to such an extent that they represent total opposites – one being highly positive and the other damagingly negative.

Good selfishness starts with liking yourself. That doesn’t mean to say that you have to think that you’re perfect because we all have faults. Liking yourself for what you are warts ‘n’ all and knowing that you will always do what’s right is a good start.

Good selfishness means that you sometimes have to let people down, but you make sure they know there is a very good reason and will make it up to them at some future date. It might mean that something has to give because you need me time to recharge batteries and sometimes there are clashes and you have to choose which one is most important to you.

Good selfishness is making sure that you remain in the right shape to look after your family and your job and those things that are important to you. Yes, you are being selfish, but it is for the best of reasons.

When you go through life with such a mind-set then you are working with positive thinking and the Law of Attraction because you are focused, know what you want, know what’s right and the Universe in turn will always be ready to work with you.

This is not so in the case of bad selfishness where no one else on this planet matters. For such people it will always be about them, their welfare, their happiness, their sense of entitlement and they will go to any length to ensure it remains that way.

They are not very likeable people but because they are so self-centred they have gone through life bull dozing all before them and as a result they are frequently in positions of authority where they can bully and harass others to bend to their will.

Those that practice bad selfishness are not good in relationships unless of course they manage to find a willing doormat to do their bidding, they make bad lovers are totally unreliable and are quick to blame others for anything that goes wrong.

It is impossible for such people to ever work in harmony with the Universe because every part of them radiates negativity which affects everything they touch and everyone they meet, but the sad thing is that, more often than not, they are totally unaware of the kind of person they are.

Paradoxically, many of those afflicted with bad selfishness are outwardly charming and on first impressions give a false picture of their true character which means they can quickly tarnish and affect the lives of other. Scratch away at the veneer and you soon see the real person underneath.

We all know such people and try to avoid them but it could be there is one such person in your life who fits this description or maybe, just maybe, you have recognised yourself from the previous description. If the penny has just dropped then it’s not too late to change – but it will take enormous work on your part because you will need to alter the habits of a lifetime.

You might like to start by talking to those few friends you still have left and ask them to give you an honest assessment of what they really think about you, if they are brave enough, but in truth you will already know that something is wrong.

You now have to put others first, consider their welfare, start liking yourself a little more, highlight the things that a genuinely good about you – no one is all bad – and set about change. Start thinking more positively about things you could do for others that would make a difference, try volunteering or supporting charities – you get the idea.

I guess you might also have to start saying sorry to an awful lot of people, but you have made a start and gradually the Universe will take notice and positive thinking will lock in. Your relationships will improve, people will want to be around you – and then real success will follow.

You can of course still be a little bit selfish – but only when it’s for good.