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Positive thinking and the gift to your children that just keeps giving

“If only I was 20 years younger and knew what I knew today.” How many times have you heard that phrase or variations of it – and how many times have you actually said it yourself - and of course, how many times do you wish it could be true?

It might be too late for you, but if all this is ringing a chord, then it’s not too late for your children or your grandchildren – and if you are now a true believer of the benefits of powerful positive thinking, you have a real opportunity to provide an exceptionally wonderful gift – one that will keep on giving generation after generation.

Think for a moment of all that you can pass on. You can teach them never to use negative or life limiting phrases such as I can’t, or this is too difficult, or I’m not good enough, or I have always been unlucky or a failure, or no one likes me – you get the idea.

You can explain to them why such phrases are negative and damaging to their self-esteem and potential to do well in the future. They might not believe you initially but stay with it because children learn by repetition and if you can show them how they can attract things into their lives using the power of positive thinking, they will want to work with you.

Consider as well some other benefits of positive thinking which allow you to reduce or control your anger, help you learn not to complain about everything, not to hold a grudge or be a bully. You have the power to change these negatives by helping youngsters understand what happens with such behaviour and why it will hold them back in the future. how to overcome the fear of success

This might seem to you like basic common sense stuff that children took for granted just a few generations ago when the world seemed a friendlier place, but the basics have not changed that much and in this fast moving digital world, a clear understanding of the benefits of positive thinking is more than welcome – especially when you get to the really interesting bits.

What would they be then? Assuming that your children or grandchildren have accepted that negative phrases can be damaging – and assuming that you have replaced these phrases with statements such as – “this might be challenging but I will do my best,” or “I am a winner and will always try to succeed” – then you are ready to explain how the good stuff works – and how they can work with the Universe to attract what they want.

Just imagine for a moment if you knew how to do this when you were young. How much would your life have changed do you think? Exams and finding that good job would have been a lot easier, you would have had a lot more confidence when you especially needed it and perhaps you would never have given up striving for that special goal – that’s why it is so important to know these things as early as possible.

Of course, you have now opened up a can of worms because youngsters think very literally and you have just told them that the world is at their feet if they embrace positive thinking. Many will now believe that they are going to be the next star of the X Factor or are going to win millions on the lottery and they are going to find it hard when you explain that positive thinking needs plenty of common sense to work well.

So be ready to let them practice first by using positive thinking to attract something more down to earth in their lives. You have to show them not to keep focussing on what they need or they will drive it away but get them to concentrate instead on actions to help the Universe provide them with what they need.

Further details on how the process works are available across a wide range of other blogs on this website or in my books, but as long as you have the basics right, you have set a process in motion that could ultimately be the greatest gift of all – one that will allow them to achieve everything they want in life – and how good is that!

And if they have accepted your gift then maybe they will never have to say if only….