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Positive thinking and the power of imagination

We all possess the gift of imagination, that ability to let our minds wander into those other worlds where anything is possible. Some may simply dismiss this as day dreams, useless thoughts that prevent real life from happening – but they would be wrong.

Everything starts with a thought and when you really allow your imagination to take hold you can begin to attract the things you really want in your life. It is the solid basis of powerful positive thinking and it sets the agenda for everything you do.

There is nothing wrong with day dreaming. As you do, you programme your sub conscious mind, the real power house that can get to work with that great Amazon of the Universe which will soon begin to deliver your order for change.

Those that imagine their lives altering for the better, attracting more money, better health or a new lover, quickly discover that their day dreams can become reality. They see all the benefits of change in their mind - that feel good factor as something new comes into their reality.

And you can do the same simply by making a few changes to the way you think and equally as important – to what you say. Both your imagination and the spoken word have to be in complete sync with each other.

It’s no good thinking that you will be wealthy when you keep telling everyone how poor you are and why you believe such circumstances will never change. Thinking yourself rich while telling everyone the complete opposite totally negates the whole exercise.

The same applies equally to your health, the lack of a suitable lover, a decent job – how long do you want the list to be, but hopefully you are getting the idea. Of course, no one expects you to stand on a street corner and tell the world that you are going to be rich or famous – but you definitely need to watch what you say.

Let’s take a look at one example by assuming that you might be feeling lonely and want to attract someone special in your life. The imagination bit is relatively easy so let’s try it together by imagining your ideal man or woman, what they look like, how do they speak, do they smell good?

Let’s take this a little further by setting up a meeting place, maybe at work or at a local pub, or somewhere else where you feel comfortable. What kind of things will this person like doing, will they be the same as you or will you be happy for them to take you out of your comfort zone – you decide.

I think we have set your imagination running and whenever you get a spare moment, keep the programmes going. The more your imagination goes into overtime the closer you bring your dream into reality – don’t forget it must always be based on positive thinking and a positive mind-set.

We are nearly there because we must now concentrate on the less private things – what you do and say to others. Get it wrong and you can undo all the good work achieved by your imagination. If you are saying “no one will ever love me” or using phrases such as “I will never be happy” then all the positive thinking in the world will be a total waste of time.

You need to substitute these phrases with positive thinking. When you talk to friends or colleagues you should be saying “I know there is someone out there for me” or “I will be happy and fulfilled again.”

When you say these things you reinforce your thoughts and give your imagination the equivalent of a turbo boost – and when you do that then anything is possible. So let’s get back to positive thinking and the power of your imagination.

Your mind has the ability to take you anywhere you want and when that happens thoughts turn into reality – your reality. No one is trapped, everyone has power and your mind is ready as soon as you decide what you want. Are you ready?