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Positive thinking and the power of the subconscious

Positive Thinking works using the power generated by your subconscious mind and unlike you, it never switches off. It continues to look after your physical body and mind, even when you are asleep, working in the same way as a highly advanced and sophisticated computer – and if you know how it functions then you can attract anything you want – and I will show you how.

Just like a computer the subconscious reads everything in a literal way with no margin for error. Based on the information it receives, it then tries to deliver what it believes you really want – and that is why you have to be very careful about what you think and how you act.

Your subconscious mind interprets what you focus on most, so if you are continuously thinking of things that frighten you, things that concern you and things that you never want to attract – then guess what – that is what will come into your life.

The subconscious uses your thoughts like a computer programme. It does not care whether you are positive or negative, it does not care whether you are rich or poor, happy or unhappy – it is not based on emotions and will simply react to your conscious mind.

We are not talking here about random thoughts, the kind of things that spring into all of our minds throughout the day. These have little or no effect on the subconscious. Try to imagine instead that your subconscious is the world’s greatest computer, without the broadband, which means change is gradual because you have to think consistently about a particular subject to alter the programming.

You and I and the rest of the population have been doing this all our lives. We have been slowly adding to our own personal programme and equally slowly and surely it has stored up all of our fears, our prejudices, our negative thoughts and a whole lot more.

In real terms your subconscious acts like an early warning system to react in a certain way to situations that you may have found difficult in the past. Your fears and worries are locked in its memory banks ready to put up defences in the belief that it is providing protection.

Some of these warnings may be justified based on previous experiences, but if these fears are irrational or negative or are simply the result of baseless anxieties then the subconscious will step in and prevent you from achieving what you truly want in life.

You have all heard the phrase that “You are what you think” and this is derived from the way that your conscious mind has gradually programmed the real powerhouse – your subconscious. At this precise moment everything you are, everything that you do is the result of the way you think.

That is what people are talking about when they ask you to practice positive thinking. That is why you are urged to control your anger and negative actions. When you reinforce such thoughts with this kind of passion then you are really switching on the turbo charger and making it even more difficult for your subconscious to work well on your behalf.

All this can be changed because you are choosing the programme. You have to decide to upgrade your own personal software and clear away the virus of negativity which has been holding you back for such a long time.

You cannot control the subconscious mind using willpower, it will only respond to consistent and focussed thought preferably when you are relaxed. Your first step is to decide how you want your life to change and we are not talking here about material things such as money or a new job – these will follow later when the new you begins to emerge. While you are at it resolve to be kinder, less angry and judgemental – these negative emotions only harm one individual – you.

What kind of person do you want to be? Write it all down to begin with as it will help to clarify your thoughts and then begin to focus with thoughts such as “I am success” or “I am fearless.” Begin to see what you really want and forget about the fears or the “what ifs” and leave your subconscious free to work with the Universe.

It might be difficult to begin with because you are probably used to thinking in a negative way. When these thoughts appear in your head, challenge them and remind your subconscious that they have no room in your life anymore.

Gradually your focus will be more on the good things and slowly your subconscious will respond. It will begin to send different signals to a new revitalised you and when that happens all of the success and happiness that you have always craved will appear.

You are the virtual Microsoft of your own brain – all you have to do is change the programme for it to begin.

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