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Positive thinking and what’s in it for me does not work

Most people confuse the real benefits of positive thinking. They see it only as a means of attracting material possessions rather than a way of life with all the real emotional and personal benefits that come from a positive mind-set.

When practiced properly, positive thinking really does have the power to work with the Law of Attraction and yes you can have it all – the big house, more money, fantastic job and be surrounded by people who love and respect you.

For most people this will not happen because they are so intent on “what’s in it for me” that they totally overlook the fact that real positivity is the whole package and if by nature you are a complainer prone to anger and other negative traits then quite simply – the Universe does not want to work with you.

This website and the books that I write are dedicated to helping people train themselves to feel more positive. That’s why I offer the 30 Day Challenge Free of charge so that individuals can confront their own personal demons and negative thoughts.

Once you have trained yourself to be more positive than all the good stuff will follow and then you can work with the Law of Attraction to make the right things happen, but you have to get to that point first – so how do you do that.

Obviously, take the 30 Day positivity challenge, but it would help if you could do an audit of friends and family and if you have surrounded yourself with negative people then be assured that they are dragging you down to their level – so you have two choices – change your inner circle or get them to be positive as well.

Try and be aware of your own thoughts at all times. We are all prone to letting our minds wander particularly if you are anxious or worried about something, so acknowledge those thoughts and visualise positive outcomes. It’s difficult to begin with but gradually you will train your mind.

Your physical body, how you look and feel, is also important. If you have let yourself go then negativity has found a home within you and that’s where it’s going to stay until you’re ready to show the world your brave new image.

Look out for positive things in your life or inspirational quotes. It is you being proactive and by seeking out the good things then your sub conscious mind will gradually respond to your positive programming.

Another good way to generate a positive mind-set is to stop thinking about your own problems and set about helping others. If you can spare time as a volunteer or want to help to raise money for a charity it will give your brain an automatic boost of positive power.

Combine one or two of these things and you will slowly train yourself to be more positive. You will notice that good things begin to happen for you, opportunities that seemed to be unobtainable in the past will by magic begin to arise in your life and money will come to you more easily.

The bottom line is that the Universe is now prepared to work with you, it has noted the improvements you have made and instead of receiving garbled messages of want, it is now receiving clear signals and is ready to deliver.

Now you can practice the Law of Attraction by writing down, visualising and taking action to bring material and emotionally pleasing things into your life. Other blogs on this website show you how to use the Law effectively so I will not repeat them here, but I do need to remind you that being positive now has to be a life style choice for the rest of your days.

If you allow yourself to drift back into negativity then all your hard work will be undone and the Universe will once again shut up shop as far as you are concerned. So do you really want to be that miserable again? Do you really like the idea of attracting the good stuff?

Of course you do – that’s the power of positive thinking.