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Positive thinking and why it is OK to be anxious

I always try to be positive. Let’s face it I write about this stuff, but I am going to let you into a little secret – it is impossible to be positive all of the time. There will be numerous occasions when you feel down right miserable, anxious, worried and all the positive thinking in the world will not make the slightest difference.

Positive thinking can really only work if you apply loads of common sense and are prepared to take action. I make the point again and again on my website, but there are still many out there who feel that all you have to do is to control your thoughts and the Universe will take care of the rest.

Sorry to disappoint, especially if you have been reading all these self-help books that claim you can work miracles simply by visualising and imagining what you want. Constant daily affirmations might also have their place but only if you apply them properly to your own personal circumstances.

So is positive thinking just a load of nonsense? Of course not and when used properly it can be one of the most powerful tools imaginable and the has the ability to attract good things and change lives for the better.

So what are we really talking about here?  It goes wrong because there are many people who become so focussed on trying to be positive that they begin to lose sight of reality. If things are starting to go wrong in your life then you have to decide what’s causing it and be prepared to take action.

That’s what I mean by combining positive thinking with common sense and a little bit of motivation. By all means imagine and visualise the best possible outcomes in everything you do. This helps to create a pathway towards achieving what you want in life, but there will always be setbacks and the usual bumps in the road.

You cannot ignore these negative times. They need to be looked at realistically and action needs to be taken to ensure that you get back on course to achieve those life goals. Yes, keep focussing on the positive, but not to the detriment of everything else.

These bumps and negative periods will make you feel anxious or sad. Accept them for what they are, acknowledge your feelings but be sure that they will pass just as soon as you have addressed the problems you are now facing.

A good analogy is NASA’s attempt to land a man on the moon. They never lost sight of the objective, the scientists always felt sure that they would succeed, but for around 98% of the time they were getting everything wrong.

Life is a bit like that. You decide what you want, you embrace positive thinking and then, for no apparent reasons, it all begins to go **** up. That’s the Universe telling you that you might want to rethink the original idea and correct the bugs in the system.

This could apply to relationships, launching a new business, starting a new career. Be positive that you will succeed but keep your mind open that anything new is a learning curve and you might just need a little more time to get things right.

While this is happening it might be difficult to remain positive because the problems you are facing might be life changing so it is OK to be worried or anxious and that’s when you need to take action based on common sense decisions.

You will need a strategy that ensures you will still deliver your objectives just as soon as you have ironed out some of the challenges – and you will do just that and most importantly you will learn from the experience which will give you a greater chance of long term success.

It means that you will be in control of your actions and your thoughts and you will be better equipped to deal with disappointments and you will ultimately learn how to remain positive even during periods of adversity.

Now that is really what powerful positive thinking is about – positive thinking, common sense and action and when combined it equates to real power – are you ready to embrace it?