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Positive thinking and why you have to listen to the Universe

Sometimes it seems that everything you do or try just conspires to work out wrong. It does not matter how hard you work to correct everything, how positive your actions or even how determined you are to succeed – the Universe has other ideas – or at least it looks that way.

There are many stories of incredibly successful people who were multiple failures. Thomas Edison, who was considered to be the inventor of the telephone famously, went on record that he had failed at least 10,000 times before achieving his breakthrough. Col Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame tried to sell his renowned recipe more than 1,000 times before he could make progress.

Most of us would have given up long before, convinced that the Universe was trying to tell us something – and maybe it was – but did you misunderstand the signs. It’s a distinct possibility that you did just that – especially if you have practiced positive thinking.

Yes, you did read that correctly. When you adopt powerful positive thinking you create forces that few can really master and it is not unusual to receive conflicting and confusing messages and very often they seem the complete opposite of everything you are trying to achieve.

So let’s assume you have started your new project. You have a good idea of the goals and objectives, but it is all starting to go a little bit wrong. People do not seem as enthusiastic about your ideas as you had hoped, obstacles, where none existed before; now seem to have been placed in your path.

What is going on here, but more importantly – what is your reaction to all this perceived negativity? If you are ready to give up, convinced that your original idea was really a no hoper, then I guess that is the end of the story.

You are understandably bruised by the whole experience, it has probably cost you money that you can ill afford and right now you could well be wishing that you had never started on this new venture. So is that it then or might it just be worth another look – just in case?

I hope that “just in case” will win through because if you have practiced positive thinking throughout then you should not be too ready to give up just yet. Let’s assume that your idea was sound, let’s assume that you did a bit of market research, sounded out potential customers and that all the vibrations and feedback looked good.

If you did all that then your idea still has legs, but something is clearly still missing. In most cases that is what the Universe is really trying to tell you and instead of giving up you should be looking at the whole project again through a set of fresh eyes.

Were you too expensive, can you change your message, can you consider a different route to market, what about the look and the branding? A tweak here, a small alteration there has the potential to make a huge difference – and this is what successful entrepreneurs do all of the time.

I could make this list last for ever, but this is your venture we are talking about and only you know the kind of changes that are needed. That might mean asking for advice or help from a professional, it might need you to bring in an investor or partner – your decision.

When you practice positive thinking then the Universe will want you to succeed which is why it will put obstacles in your way. It is telling you that it likes the idea but it still needs a bit of work if you are going on to be a major success.

And if everything seems to be going wrong at the moment when all you should be seeing is green lights and success then maybe you need to listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you. That is what real positive thinking is really about.

So let’s get back to Thomas Edison and Col Sanders. They kept listening to the Universe and they never stopped trying and one day – all the obstacles evaporated as if by magic – and they will do so for you as well.

Just keep the faith and stay positive and let the magic happen.