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Positive thinking – it’s all about the right packaging

Have you ever wondered why positive thinking never works for you? You have read all the right books, visualised until you are blue in the face, set up mood boards and affirmations and all you have achieved is – absolutely nothing – a total waste of time.

So let’s ask another question – have you ever thought it could be something to do with the way you look, act and feel? Successful positive thinking is about the whole package – you the person and what you give out to the rest of the world -as we will demonstrate later.

Regular visitors to this website know that I frequently talk about common sense and action as the essential ingredients of powerful positive thinking. Without them you will inevitably fail to achieve anything no matter how hard you try.

Some writers also talk about the “receiving state” the attitude of mind you must be in if you are ever to benefit from positive thinking. This is when you must learn to forget about your cosmic order and the vital changes you need in your life and let the Universe get on with its work.

There are several other blogs on this site which show how you can do this, but for the moment I want to concentrate on the other vital ingredients that are essential if your life is ever to change for the better. This involves giving yourself a bit of TLC and a massive makeover to ensure that you are ready for all of the benefits that positive thinking has to offer.

So let’s start by taking a look in the mirror. What do you see and we are not talking about your face which is special and unique and is the subject of another blog about esteem (you can read that here) Right now, I want to know are you scruffy or smart – I don’t mean big occasion smart, more how the world sees you when you go to work or pop up to the shops?

That’s the image you have chosen for yourself and if you are happy with it, then great, but if you are now looking in the mirror and you don’t like your look – then ask yourself if it’s possible you have let yourself go – and if so, you must change.

It has nothing to with not being able to afford new clothes. Many of the poorest people in the world constantly strive to maintain a pride in the way they look. People who let themselves go, often without realising it, no longer care and in extreme cases their very appearance simply magnifies their negativity.

If you are in this situation, how can you ever expect positive thinking to work for you if you have no pride in yourself? So this has to be the first stage of your journey – a smarter you, looking as good as you can at all times because this is your message to the Universe and the rest of the world – your first step to a more positive you. This is me and baby, don’t I look good.

But it is only a start – the next step is to take a look at the rest of the package. No one likes anger, victim mentality, complainers, road ragers, snipers, back stabbers – how long do you want this list to be. Recognise any of these – positive thinking can never work for you until you have these negative emotions under control.

Some of you reading this will have no idea that they match one or all of these traits. So ask the question of those who love you and if they are prepared to be honest, you might be shocked by what they have to say.

Once again, how can positive thinking ever work for you when you have all this negativity locked inside? Once again, other articles on this website deal with such negative issues and sooner or later you will need to face them before you ever able the manifest what you most need.

The rest of the package covers your fears. If you are constantly afraid, if you always expect the worst, if you are always anxious, then you will never allow powerful positive thinking into your life as hard as you try.

You will sub consciously be creating barriers into everything you wish to manifest into your life making change impossible. Powerful positive thinking is like a product on a supermarket shelf. It might taste delicious but if you don’t like the way it looks or feels then you never going to put it in your trolley.

The Universe is just the same. If it doesn’t like what it sees and feels then you can manifest all you want, but it will never happen for you. It’s all down to the packaging and once you get that right, the rest will surely follow.