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Positive thinking means raising expectations

What do you really expect from life? Please stop and consider this for a moment - it is not a trick question and is something I really want you to think about because when it comes to positive thinking, the answer you give matters and can seriously make the difference between success and failure, riches or poverty, happiness or sadness – you get the idea.

What you expect determines the outcome of everything you do. If you expect to succeed, then most of the time you will. If you expect things to be difficult then you will not be disappointed to discover that the Universe will grant your wish.

Limited expectations slow down everything you do in life no matter how great your ambitions. It is the brake that you apply on all that’s important. It’s a foolish and unnecessary complication because there really is no limit to what you can achieve so why would you want to invent artificial barriers and stop signs.

In the Great Amazon of the Universe the Law of Attraction works in a very simple way. It is ready to deliver everything you need and add a metaphoric cherry on top if that’s what you want and there are no barriers or restrictions except the ones you choose to add.

Why start a new business and decide that all you want is a basic living. Why choose to put up with people in your life who you know are second or even third rate when there is a whole world of fantastic people just waiting to meet you.

Expectations do not just apply to material things. Many lower their expectations as they age because they have stopped challenging themselves to enjoy life as they once did. You made that choice to put up with second best – no one else.

Lowering your expectations frequently starts in childhood particularly if you had parents who were habitually negative. I have heard of many cases where young people have gone for second best in their exams, universities, job ambitions simply because a negative parent mistakenly decided that they did not want their child to be disappointed.

This is then continued in life and eventually negative children become parents themselves and the whole cycle starts anew, but thankfully this is something that is not difficult to reverse once you have understood the concept of positive thinking.

Everyone thinks they are familiar with the way that positive thinking works, but sadly that’s not the case. Most people have the idea that you concentrate on what you want, focus on it for long enough and everything you need will be magically delivered.

Yes, you must have the desire to make changes in your life. You must visualise outcomes and then use plenty of common sense and action to deliver everything you need. Regular readers will also know that I always advise positive thinkers to avoid going back to the original order as you will prevent the very thing you are hoping for happening - because the Universe will assume you have changed your mind.

However, it is your expectation that really matters. If your sub conscious has placed restrictions on your order by watering down the original concept or by having thoughts that you are not worthy or perhaps something smaller or inferior will do, then you would have effectively undone all your good work.

You must always expect to succeed; you must always expect to have good health, friends, prosperity and much more. By expecting the best you will quickly find that the Great Amazon of the Universe will respond in kind.

So decide today that you will always raise your expectations in everything you do in life. No more stop signs, no more restriction and no more negativity - just turbo charged expectations.