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Positive thinking people do not do revenge – it’s not worth it

Revenge, getting even with someone at all costs, is an emotion we have all experienced. It’s that time when we are feeling so much hurt about the unjust treatment or loss that we have received from an individual or organisation that we just want to inflict as much agony as possible in return.

At this precise moment you are seething, thinking of all the things you wished you had said at the time and aggressively thinking or discussing how you are going to get your own back. You are angry, wow, are you angry – but the sad fact is – you are about to make things worse for yourself.

Positive thinking is not about anger, revenge or getting your own back. You believe it will make you feel better if you tell the world how unjustly you have been treated, but that is not going to help because while some may sympathise, they have their own problems and will quickly move on.

So here you are bottling up all that hatred and the Universe is listening and assuming that you want more of the same. It will respond to your thoughts, words and actions – and the only person you will be hurting – is you.

You are what you think which is why your thoughts should always be positive. That doesn’t mean that you lose the right to complain if you have been badly treated or received shoddy goods or services, but when your complaint becomes personal and when anger and bitterness kicks in – then it will all come flooding back and some.

If you want to see revenge and hatred in action just trawl through social media and look at the comments left by so called trolls as they attempt to unlock and discard the bitterness and despair from their very sad lives.

Every time they pour out their bile they are storing up more of the same for themselves. Such people are effectively dead inside - their lives only take on meaning if you react to their spite and malice because then they know their vicious words have hit the target and for a brief moment it gives them some kind of warped pleasure.

Totally ignoring this kind of hatred and spite is really the best revenge of all. It denies those who like to dish it out, not having the satisfaction of knowing that you might have been wounded. Even more importantly you have not been reduced down to their dismal level – you have stayed positive and the Universe, which is always listening, sees you for the kind and caring person you really are.

Of course, no one is pretending it’s easy to turn the other cheek when someone has done you wrong. You may even feel that you are being weak by letting someone else trample over your feelings.

When that happens there is nothing wrong in letting that person or organisation know how hurt you are feeling right now. Sometimes people just get it wrong without meaning to upset others and when they told, will quickly apologise.

But for those who have deliberately set out to wound or harm, then no amount of talking will set anything right. You just have to walk away and if possible forgive them – it’s the only way to let go of all the hatred that they have caused to be bottled up inside you.

If it stays trapped it will act as a cancer, always preventing you from being positive or manifesting positive thoughts. It will hold you back on everything you want to achieve in your life and if that happens then they have won.

Yes, you are going to be hurt from time to time, people will say bad things, they are going to be thoughtless, but you always have a choice. You decide how you are going to react and how you are going to deal with each such situation.

By remaining positive and happy, determined not to be beaten, then you will never have to contemplate revenge and all of the bad karma associated with it. Positive thinking people do not do revenge – it’s not worth it.