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Positive thinking starts with changing your habits

Positive thinking people always know that things will work out well in the end. They have total faith that the Universe will deliver and no matter how difficult the circumstances, they will never allow themselves to harbour doubts.

Many of us marvel at such people as they continue smiling through every adversity, confident that everything will eventually be resolved and success will be assured. Their positivity applies to all their material and emotional needs so as well as being financially secure, their home and personal lives seem equally as charmed.

These are the people who seem to have it all and right now you probably wish you could be just the same – well I am here to tell you that you can. Being a positive thinking person is no big secret, it is simply a way of life – to be more precise, it is a lifestyle choice and all it needs is a little bit of personal fine tuning.

Positive thinking people are successful simply because they are positive in everything they do. Let’s think about that for the moment because there are many who believe that positive thinking is all about imagining bright outcomes, making daily affirmations and so on – and while none of this does any harm it is NOT what real positive thinking is about at all.

To be that positive thinking person means taking a close look at the negatives that are currently cluttering up your life such as anger issues, unresolved problems and pessimism. How can you ever be the powerful positive thinking person if such things continue to dominate?

If you want to, you can stop reading right now because I have just given you the real secret of positive thinking. Get rid of all the negatives as you strive to be a better person and the rest will follow as sure as night follows day and you will be just like all the other successful people.

But surely it cannot be that easy – can it? The short answer is yes, but changing the habits of a lifetime is going to take a little bit more work on your part as you begin that fine tuning process and introduce positive actions into your life.

The first step is gratitude and being grateful and thankful for all the good things you already have instead of complaining about the stuff you dislike. Everyone understands that you would like to be richer, happier, more successful, but you are probably not starving right now, you may have food to eat and roof over your head and people that love you and if you think about it long enough you are incredibly fortunate and have many reasons to be thankful.

Once you start to appreciate what you already have, then you have laid the foundations for more of what you want to attract into your life. The Universe will recognise that you like what you have and will work with you to enhance and grow your expectations.

Stop right now and think of at least three things you are grateful for – that was not so hard, was it – and you have taken the first step, but you still have a little bit more work to do if you are going to be that powerful positive thinker.

Start looking at your day and think back at all the times you have allowed pessimistic thoughts to intrude, did you succumb to road rage or irritation with a colleague or member of your family, perhaps being a grouch is something that you do on a regular basis.

How many times have you complained or moaned about your circumstances? Did you allow yourself to listen to or spread malicious gossip? Did you openly envy another person? Have you been a bully and over stepped the mark when you know you should have been more restrained?

Positive thinking people are none of these. They are instead calm and measured. They keep their anger and negative opinions to themselves unless they are fully justified and when that happens, they recognise these real exceptions because they know there are some situations when you need to complain or feel angry, but equally know that there is a right time and place for such things – negative people are simply angry all the time.

Making those lifestyle changes are vital if you are ever to be a positive thinking person and only you can do it - and once you resolve to introduce positivity then the Universe will get the message. It likes the new you and is now ready to help you attract the things you really want – how good is that.