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Positive thinking with no limitations

If you are someone who truly embraces the concept of positive thinking then why do you place so many limitations on your life and reduce your potential? You really can have it all if you so choose, so why put up with second best – many do, but it does not have to be that way – and if you read on, I will show you how.

Nearly all of us want to be happier, more successful, and richer – but only it seems under certain conditions. We want more money, but not so much that others may notice our sudden increase in fortune, we want to be more successful, but not if it means that some may feel undermined, we want to be happier but how can we seen in that way when there are many who seem so sad.

The Universe places no such limitations. It is there to deliver everything you desire – you just have to ask. You are not being selfish by wanting the best of everything that life can throw in your direction because everyone on this Planet has the same opportunity as you – and there is more than enough to go around.

But how can that be when there are so many in poverty, when there are millions in this world without the necessary basics in life. We see it on the news on a daily basis via the global media – the have nots, those facing starvation and persecution – and we feel guilty and unworthy.

As these TV pictures come into our living rooms we forget that even the poorest on this diverse Planet thrive and prosper when they have the tools to do the job, to grow their own food and plan their own destinies.  When people have hope and opportunity they shape their own lives for the better – how many times have we seen refugees with nothing who turn themselves into multi-millionaires – it is human nature to want to prosper and succeed.

This is positive thinking in real action with people who have nothing and who want it all. For them there are no limitations, they have a vison and action plan and they are not prepared to put up with second best – so why should you.

Positive thinking should never come with conditions attached. It is not down to individuals to dictate to the Universe how rich, successful or happy they should be. Positive thinking works when you get the Universe and the Law of Attraction to work independently on your behalf.

Regular readers to this blog site will know that I always say you must use common sense and action to attract what you want in life and that frequently means going about the whole process using baby steps until you get the basics right.

In reality that could well mean in the beginning that you try to attract just a few hundred pounds or dollars into your life rather than going for the big prize in one hit. Being realistic means you are more likely to attract the small sums but as long as you never forget that the ultimate aim is to have it all, then you are not placing any limitations on you or the Universe.

The same rules apply to happiness or success. Go first for the small victories and these will encourage you to go after the bigger stuff. Never forget that everyone who has been successful had to take care of the basics first.

When you place limitations on positive thinking then you are really undermining the whole process and it can never work for you in the way that you would have hoped. You will be sending out confusing messages to the Universe.

You must be very clear about what you want to achieve and have faith that it will be delivered. You must also be prepared to take a little action – after all – even the Universe needs a little help from time to time and anything that will help you achieve your desires will be welcome.

You may of course still be feeling guilty or unworthy and only you can make that change. If you are finding it difficult then you can of course donate the money you have so that others can purchase the tools they need to change their lives.

That what billionaires like Bill Gates are doing and he is someone that really has it all. Just imagine what you could do if you had the same wealth – and if that is not a case for setting no limitations in your life -then I do not know what is.